Naked Beautiful Brunette Clutching Bare Body Skin On White Bed Sheets

Benefits Of Being Naked

Sexy Naked Brunette On White Bedding

Welcome back you beautiful little devils. Today we're getting naked. Yes we are... Go on take it off and let it all hang free. Oh go on then turn the heating up first. 

How often do you get totally naked? Once a day? 15 minutes a day? all day perhaps?... You cheeky little nudist. 

Well I'm here to tell you why we should all start getting naked more often. Now, I'm not talking about the brief moments we spend in the shower or quickly dressing each day, I'm talking about dedicated time to just 'Being Naked'. Not only will this thrust you into a whole new level of body confidence, but you'll gain incredible life benefits too. 

Firstly (and as mentioned above), your confidence will soar whether you believe me or not. Taking a little time to be free in your own skin will give you a rush of excitement and confidence that you'll crave. The more time you spend naked the more your confidence will grow. Surely it's time to start loving the skin you're in?

Naked Woman Relaxing On The Sofa

How do you feel about sleeping naked? A lot of people sleep naked after 'naughty night time play' or as grown ups call it 'Sexual Intercourse' but what about the other nights and how about sleeping naked for your own benefit? Did you know sleeping completely in the buff helps your body to maintain a cooler temperature, this helps you to get a better nights sleep than if you're wrapped up all hot and sweaty. So toss aside those long johns and flannelette pyjamas, tonight is naked night.  

So now we're all getting a better nights sleep, but that's not all... Check out how incredible your skin is becoming without those scratchy pj's. Tight or synthetic fabrics can rub and irritate the skin causing rashes and clogged pores. That's it... my pyjamas are going in the bin , or maybe I'll just save them for lazy days around the house. 

Blonde Lady Relaxing With A Drink

We're sleeping better, skin looks great and our body confidence is outrageous, what more could we ask for? Well... we are women after all so there's always more. How about a closer bond with your other half? Sleeping skin-to-skin helps to tighten bonds between lovers and naturally releases 'happy hormones' within both partners... Awwww our partners are going to be so happy when we tell them we're all sleeping naked from now on!

Couple In Love On The Beach Naked

As our relationships grow stronger and closer, expect to see an increase in fertility. Happy hormones mixed with less (male) restrictions in the southern area could lead to higher fertility... Great news for the broody ones among us!

Adorable Naked Baby Asleep

Now there's 5 incredible reasons to strip off and have fun being 100% Naked, 100% You, 100% Naturally Wicked!

Until next time... Stay naked... I mean Wicked! (or both).


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