Bizarre Inventions

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 Hey wicked ones, welcome back. Today I'm bringing you some of the most bizarre and wonderfully wacky products I could find. Are we ready for these to hit the shelves? Or worse... Our homes?


Ghost Chair Wicked Dark Background

Let's jump straight in with this unusual piece of furniture 'The Ghost Chair'. Now I have to admit I actually love the name of this buttcheek holder. It has a wicked creepy feel to it. However, I'm not sure I love the design as much as I first thought I would... It kinda looks like she's floating on her waterproof mac. Nonetheless, it's an idea I could potentially warm to.


I Pillow For Laptop, Sleepy Lady

How do we feel about this snoozie creation... The 'I-Sleep Laptop Pillow'. Huh? Yeah I know you can now buy a pillow that attaches to your laptop, I guess it's for all those times your boss lets you take a nap instead of working... By the way if anyone's bosses actually allow this then please can you get me a job?! I guess maybe it's good for sleeping on the train back home from work, but may result in your laptop being pinched whilst you sleep! Yeah, it's not for me.


Vibrating ring for sleepy person

Are you an early bird? Or do you snooze the alarm until you have to race around the house in a rush of madness? Well how do you feel about this one... A ring that vibrates your finger to wake you up. (yeah at first I thought this was the other kind of vibrating ring, you know the one). Okay, here's what I think... I can only go off my experience of being a super deep sleeper, and I can assure you it'd take a lot more than a vibrating ring to wake me up. I'd need a whole damn vibrating house and I'd still probably sleep through that! Yeah I guess this one's good if the quietest of sounds or gentlest of touches can wake you but I'd need them on every finger and every toe!


Lethal Weapon Coffee Maker

Raise your hand if you love coffee... Okay put the coffee down first. Please don't hate me coffee lovers but I'm a tea girl through and through. I'm not saying I don't enjoy the odd coffee but I could take it or leave it very easily. My partner on the other hand would not get through the day without a coffee fix. This is not because he has a super coffee addiction that means he'd actually die without it, but because I could easily kill the grumpy grouch if he's not had his morning coffee. So coffee fans what do you think of the 'Lethal Weapon' Espresso Machine? Calm down guys I can sense your excitement from here. But, ladies what do we think? Is it necessary for coffee to come out of this contraption? Does it make it taste any better? I'm not sure it'd make any difference to me if my tea was poured from this ball thing or a tea pot... I'd just want a cup of tea.


Gun Shoes Black & Silver design

You know that excitement of getting ready to go 'out out' pulling out the little black dress, doing up our faces, neatening the usually wild hair and finishing off with those classic gun shoes. Yep I said it... GUN SHOES are a thing. They don't actually shoot people (that would be risky after a little too much gin) but, the heels have been replaced by plastic guns. Now I'm no gangster so I don't know if these are considered cool or not but I'm just left puzzled as to what the heck you'd wear with gun shoes? I mean surely you'd need to own a black & white pin stripe suit with a slick matching top hat?


Swimming Helmit For Communicating

Oh crikey... Yes I said crikey. Here we go... You know when you're swimming around in the pool laughing with your family/ friends, well how much better would it be if we wore head sets like this so we can talk to each other easier? Okay... Firstly How on Earth do you swim with that thing on? I'm not the best swimmer, I can do a few lengths and quite frankly that's enough for me I just go to splash around and pretend I'm a mermaid (obviously). Secondly would you not bump into each other with these space hats on? Thirdly I can be a little 'Blonde' sometimes but even I know for a fact... It is easier to talk to other swimmers if you don't wear big crazy telephone hats.

Maybe I'm stuck in my ways but I just can't get behind these crazy inventions. Save your hard earned cash and forget about these expensive unnecessary products. Unless you're the inventor then I mean 'Great job, keep up the good work'.

Until next time folks, Stay Wicked... Naturally Wicked!

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