Capturing The Moment

Welcome back my wicked little beauties. How are you all this week? Feel free to comment below and let me know what you've all been up to.

Take a seat, pull out the tissues, grab some chocolate and get ready to feel all nostalgic as this week I'm taking you on a roller coaster of emotions. Are you ready? 

Before we begin, I'd like you to take a few moments to think about all those things in your life that you cherish the most. Maybe it's your darling offspring, your supportive spouse, a beloved pet or heck maybe even your old classic car. Whatever brings a smile to your face and a tear to your eye... Picture it.

Maybe you're thinking of a loved one that is sadly no longer with us? All you're left with is the memories. But what happens when the memories start to fade through old age or dementia as we tend to forget these cherished moments? These are the days of our lives that we'll never get back, the time spent with loved ones that we will never see again or the hours spent in your favourite place in this world. It's scary to think that one day these memories could be lost, so why not save each and every one in a photograph that can be cherished, treasured and enjoyed throughout our lifetime and long after we're gone.

Do you remember the laughs you'd have when the grandparents would pull out the good old family photo albums? Uncle Albert with his flyaway toupee, Grandma when she'd fallen off the deck chair and you as a youngster in the most questionable outfits possible. You see, time is always moving on and we can never return to these moments but we can relive the enjoyment of them through the images.

These days, all I see is people taking pictures everywhere which is great but... where is the emotion? What moment are you trying to capture? Selfies with a lamppost, pictures of something unrecognisable on the floor or the latest must have item. They're purely being taken for social platforms as a way of showing off to others or grabbing your moment of fame. What happened to capturing moments for the memories? Too often do we take precious moments for granted

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