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Embarrassing Emergency Rescues!

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Here at Naturally Wicked, we have a lot of respect for the emergency services for all of their extraordinary work. They are true modern day superheroes!

You see, we understand their work is very important and not at all to be laughed at, but being as wicked as we are, we can't help but evil cackle at some of these hilarious embarrassing rescues. Read on my friend if you have an equally wicked sense of humour!

Rescue 1... Why did the woman cross the railroad?

Here's the story... This good hearted charity funding woman dressed head to toe in pretty pink, was heading home after a morning of raising awareness of breast cancer. What she didn't realise is that she was about to raise more awareness than she had originally hoped for. For as she started to cross her local railroad, it started to lift up... Taking her with it! The poor woman could do nothing but hold on for dear life and await the emergency services to help her down. She gathered quite a crowd that managed to capture the moment perfectly. I'm sure she's able to laugh at the situation now she's back on the ground, safe and sound. Although she probably takes a new route home now!

Woman in pink top stuck on lifting railroad

Rescue 2... How can something so stupid happen so often?

Teens are quite creative these days, they use fashion to describe themselves, art to express themselves and well... swings to trap themselves? Okay, so we all know that baby swings were invented for the use of babies. I mean, it's pretty clear, it's in the name. Anyway, teens have this crazy idea that they can fit into these specially made tiny baby swings. The problem is not so much the getting in part, it's the getting out that seems to be the issue. See below an example of a teen being cut free from the swing. This is not a one off incident. The emergency fire crew say it happens so often, they should come with anti-teen warnings!

Teen boy trapped in baby swing

Rescue 3... Take a walk off the dock!

So we've all been so engrossed in social media that we bump into something or spill a little of our drink or walked off a dock... Right? Well, this woman certainly has. She was so entertained by what she was reading that she forgot where she was and simply walked right off the end of the dock! I can just imagine the sheer panic at the moment she realised what had happened and also the greater panic once she remembered she can't swim. Don't worry though she was pulled to safety and has slowly recovered, the surprising thing is... She didn't drop her phone. Maybe next time she'll pay more attention to where she steps and less to Facebook notifications.

Woman distracted by mobile phone in public

Rescue 4... He's in the sh*t!

You know when you have one of those day where everything is going wrong and you think to yourself “surely nothing else can go wrong” but then it does. Yeah, you know how that feels. Well, this poor man was definitely having a sh*t day. As he was heading home on a dark rainy evening, he stumbled into a dark 8ft abyss. To make matters worse, it only took his a few seconds to discover he was actually swimming in human poo! He was trapped in the collapsed septic tank for 45 minute until he was eventually rescued! Now that really is a sh*t night!

muddy man in swamp

Rescue 5... Is this really becoming a craze?

I've heard of the phrase “Stuck on the fence”, but “stuck in the wall” is a new one for me. It started when a teen in China tried to rescue his beloved game from a 25cm cavity. He of course became trapped in the gap and had to be rescued. You would think, it's pretty obvious what would happen, but he's a kid he clearly didn't think it through. Yet, it seems many people are so intrigued by this rescue, they want to experience it for themselves. There has been a significant rise in rescues for people trapped within walls. Now, I can safely say I don't have any desire to try this. Spiders live in cavities and therefore you'll never see me there!

Man stuck in wall cavity

Now luckily I have never been in a situation even remotely like the above, and here's hoping I never am. If you've been a part of any hilarious rescues please feel free to share in the comments below, we love a good old cackle. Take care my wicked ones, I'll be back next week with more bizarreness!

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