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For Facts Sake!

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Welcome back wicked one. This week I have been discovering some rather crazy, mind boggling facts. I'm going to share some of my new findings with you, you lucky minx. Grab a coffee and take a seat as these facts are going to knock you off your feet (or maybe I'm being dramatic, but still... They're pretty interesting).

Fact -  There were active volcanoes on the moon when dinosaurs were alive. 

Volcanoes on the moon image


Fact - Some fungi create zombie ants, by controlling their minds and ultimately lead them to their deaths! Wow, that's like an actual horror movie waiting to happen!

Zombie ant dead


Fact - Scotland has 421 words for “snow” such as sneesl, feefle and flinkdrinkin. Yeah alright Scotland, we could just call it snow though?!

Little snowman in the snow


Fact - Armadillo shells are bulletproof. How cool is that? One man was hospitalised when a bullet he shot ricocheted off the animal and hit him in the jaw... Karma Karma Karma!



Fact - Firefighters use wetting agents to make water wetter, they call it "wet water"... Huh???

Blue Water


Fact - The man with the world’s deepest voice can make sounds humans can’t hear but elephants can. I wish my partner spoke like this... Life would be peaceful!

Beautiful elephant in nature


Fact - No number before 1,000 contains the letter A... Yeah I'm still checking this in my head!

Letter A capital with lights


Fact - Pigeon poop is OFFICIALLY the property of the British Crown. Pigeon poo was used to make gunpowder, so King George I confirmed the droppings to be property of the crown... They can have them back if they like! 

Pigeon poo on 3 people


Fact - Let's end on a cute fact...South American river turtles talk in their eggs. Ahh wasn't that sweet?!

Turtles and turtle eggs

Right guys, I'm out to see the world and find new things. See you again next week! Remember... Stay WICKED!

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