Get Your Peach Out!

Kim Kardashian Peach Bum


Welcome back my Wicked Wanderers. Today we're talking about good old bubble butts. Ever since the incredibly curvy superstars such as Kim Kardashian and Queen of booty Beyonce shot to fame, large buns, big bottoms and huge asses have become a super sexy and highly desired feature. This is great news for women who were naturally blessed with a voluptuous backside, but what about those of us born with the flat pancake butts?  

Woman with flat bottom


Well my fellow flatty, there are so many ways to get your peachy butt popping. 

Here is the quick and easy way to fake a big butt... Padded panties. Oh yeah I'm 100% serious, there are padded knickers out there designed to give you a little extra bottom boost. I have to say this sounds like a great idea, but what happens at sexy time? You literally take your ass off with your clothes! 

Padded Panties For a Larger Bottom


Now, this option is a little extreme... 'Buttock Enhancement'. These are similar to the common breast implants but for giving your butt an overall larger, rounder appearance. This option is not to be taken lightly though as these bottom boosters have been known to flip and in some cases... Explode! 

Woman before and after buttock implants


How about keeping it real and chomping down on a few extra carbs? Sounds good right? You want the cake... Eat the cake. You want the chips... Eat the chips. Just be sure to continue eating your greens too. Remember... staying healthy is far more important than being peachy!

Delicious looking cakes


Last option, eat healthy and work hard to gain booty muscle. This is the option I have recently opted for and I have to say, it seems to be working... My man just can't keep his hands off my new and growing bubble butt. By eating healthy I have the energy to work out more than before. The extra squats and lunges are helping to push my peachy cheeks up into place. I've only been doing this for a few weeks and I can already see the difference. Bring on summer... this new pouty botty needs showing off in super short shorts.  

Woman lunging in nature


The route to a new badass butt awaits you... And it's so damn easy! Squat whilst the kettle boils, lunge your way to the fridge to get the milk, get on and off the toilet multiple times, opt for two steps at a time when using stairs (just don't do the same when going down), squat against a wall whilst brushing your teeth, the list is endless. Be creative and work your exercise around your usual routine... You'll soon find yourself dedicating more time to your new and improved botty!

Good luck butt squad, until next time... Stay Wicked! 

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