So we've all heard the stories... Hell, some of us have lived the nightmare... Moving objects, quiet whispers, creeky floorboards and mysterious figures are just a few of the occurences that belong on a long and horrifying list.

Take for instance an event from my teenage years, which still to this day haunts me. Rudely awoken at 2am, the young 14 year old me was almost deafened by the sound of a million newspapers being seperated and flung across the dining room. Suddenly wide awake and sure as shit that my house was being burgled, I sprung from my bed and stupidly hurtled down the stairs from the attic bedroom, banging as loud as I could and switching on every single light I passed. As I got to the hallway, the noise did not stop. And I assure you, it was the loudest noise I had ever heard in my house. Assuming only that I'd meet burglars with a severe fetish for newspapers and noise, I naively opened the dining room door, with the loud noise still present and reached my hand round as fast as I could to turn on the dining room light. To my absolute astonishment; the room fell silent instantly... You could have heard a pin drop. The room was empty, and a damn good job too, since it only dawned on me afterwards that a defenceless 14 year old stood no chance against the number of burglars it would take to create that kind of noise. 

But it's only after considering the danger that you may have put yourself in, that you start to consider the eerie practicalities of the situation... I mean, if the noise wasn't burglars, and there was absolutely zero evidence of anything having moved from where it usually was, then what the hell was it? How is it even physically possible for that much noise to occur in a situation where nothing has moved? 

I'll never know. 

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