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How To Be A Gentleman

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Okay guys listen up, I'm talking to you. I'm going to give you some inside tips on 'What exactly is it that women want?'. Now I know you guys have struggled with this question for centuries, hey we as women don't always know what we want ourselves, but... We know what we don't want or at least we think we do!

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Old Hollywood movies have given women a false expectancy of what a Gentleman is. Gone are the days of being whisked off to the opera in an open top car whilst your scarf dances in the wind. Seriously if you sat waiting for a guy to open your car door these days he'd probably walk off and leave you in there. Romantic huh?

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Now we know it's not fair to expect you modern day men to do all these gentlemanly duties such as pulling out a ladies chair for her or standing each time she leaves to go to the ladies. Heck after two kids and a glass of gin I'm heading to the ladies every 10 minutes. That'd just be like a workout for the poor bloke. But one small change such as making sure your phone is off allows you to give her the time and attention she deserves. 

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What else can you do to be just a little more Gentlemanly?

How about stopping off at a florist (or a supermarket if you're that kind of bloke) and buy your pretty lady a bunch of flowers? Now to you, these are just a bunch of dead daisies, but to her they are a symbol that she was on your mind and that you believe she deserves something just as pretty and delicate as she is. Add a cute note to the flowers and you're guaranteed to get sexy time all week.

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Not into flowers? Okay, try helping out with the simple tasks around the house that irritate her. Such as picking up your own damn washing/ putting the toilet seat down after peeing/ move the manly clutter she's been asking you to shift for ages.

Also a good trait to try (PLEASE) go to the bathroom to pass wind. Why do you guys think this is the most hilarious thing in the World? Yes you've just trumped and yes you're an adult. Dudes it's not funny, keep farting action to manly areas such as the workplace or a mates house. Your girl may love the look of your ass, but she sure as hell doesn't want to smell it.

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Here's something you can do that will guarantee she'll think she's bagged herself the best bloke on the planet... Whilst she is out running errands, shopping, working etc... Clean the house (or just make it look tidy in your own special way). Find out the exact time she'll arrive home, run her a hot bubble bath and pour her a cold glass of her favourite wine. As she walks through the door, greet her with a hug and kiss, take her coat (hang it up of course), pass her the wine and tell her to go and relax in the tub. Whilst she is most probably in the bath wondering who the heck you are or what the heck you've done, you'll be downstairs preparing her favourite meal. Oh yeah get cheffy boys, there is nothing us girls love more than when a man does the cooking, seriously... It's a huge fantasy for most women. Now I know this seems like a lot of work but she totally deserves it and just think of the sexy perks you'll receive for being a very good boy!

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If you're just too gangster for any of the above, just tell her you love her and let her know she's your forever homie! 

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Until next time... Stay Gentlemen or at least stay Wicked!

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