I Put A Spell On You

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Hey Wicked One... Do you believe in magic? 

As a young innocent child you were raised on stories about magic, powers and dreams coming true. Do you still believe?

What if I told you there are real life witches out there (not the warty nose Halloween type), but real women who have mastered the art of summoning their desires using basic spells. Using the Universe to attract the things they want the most. Interesting right?

Maybe you've been searching long and hard for the love of your life or you lost him and want him back? A simple love spell could do the trick.

Money worries? No problem cast them aside with a simple money spell. There are so many spells out there, you could find one to suit almost any need.

So why not be the creator of your own life path and use the power of these simple spells to get everything you've ever wanted?

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 Become a white witch with these incredibly simple spells...


True Love Spell

Pink Roses and Love Heart

Are you looking for the love of your life? Real passionate long-lasting love not the 3 month long 'Tinder' kind of love. If you're looking to just hook up with a guy then head on out to your local in your hottest attire. This spell is for attracting your true soulmate.

What you'll need:

  • A short piece of white rope
  • One beautiful bright red rose 
  • 2 Gold rings (Costume jewellery is fine)
  • Fine white sand

What to do:

Lie the rope down straight (horizontally). Place the stem of the rose in the centre of the rope. Tie the rope around the stem. Next, slide one of the rings down the end of the rope until it meets the tied rose stem in the middle. Repeat on the other side with the second ring. Once both rings have been threaded onto the rope, tie the ends of the rope together securing both the rings and rose in place. Create a large circle on the floor using the white sand (this has to be big enough to fit the whole rose). Once the scene is set, sit yourself down to the west of the circle and concentrate on the love you'd like to bring into your life. Now close your hands together and repeat the following out loud... 

By this knot,
I stir the pot.
By this rose,
The power flows,
By these rings,
My love I bring

Repeat the above 3 times, then leave the rose, rings and sand in place on your floor for one whole week. This will reach out to your soulmate and bring him into your life. 


Get Your Ex Back Spell:

Little Red Robot With A Broken Heart

If you think you've already found the love love of your life but perhaps lost him over a silly argument or distance, then this love spell might be able to help you and your lover rekindle the flame you once had. 

What you'll need:

  • A lemon
  • A piece of paper (Pink if you can find any)
  • A piece of ribbon

What to do:

Write your name on one half of the paper, write your ex lover's name on the other half. Fold into two so that both names are now touching. Carefully slice the lemon in half. Sandwich the names between the two half's of lemon. Secure this in place with the ribbon and as you do this, picture yourself reuniting with your old flame and how happy this would make you. Freeze this special bundle in your freezer and leave untouched for at least a month, then await the return of your loved one. 


Money Boosting Spell:

Healthy Green Fresh Apple and Sharp Knife

Times get tough and money gets tight for the majority of us, so what about a little additional cash influx? Sounds good right?!

What you'll need:

  • An athame (or regular sharp knife)
  • A green apple 
  • 5 Whole cloves

What to do:

Being super careful, gently carve a pentacle into the apples fresh green skin and press the cloves into each of the 5 points. Holding the apple in your hands, face North and repeat the following:

By the powers that be,
Bring new wealth to me.
In this apple, find the power
Add abundance from this hour.

Set the apple down with the pentacle facing towards you and repeat the words again whilst you drive the knife slowly downwards into the top centre of the apple all the way to the bottom so you can let go and the apple and knife remain standing in place. Leave the apple and knife in this position for the remainder of the day, then simply remove the knife and eat the apple. Allow the cash to flow freely into your life. 


Find What Is Lost Spell:

White spooky candles on black backgroundThis spell is perfect for those of us that place something down for a second and it simply runs off. Yep, this actually happens. Well, our problems are solved with a simple 'find it' spell. 

What you'll need:

  • A white candle

What to do:

Place the candle in a suitable holder and set it alight. Whilst wandering around your house (holding the candle) repeat the following:

I need what I seek
Give me a peek
Draw my eyes
For my prize.

Allow yourself to be drawn to the exact spot where your missing item has wandered. 


Happiness Candle Spell:

Happy smiley woman

Everyone needs a little more happiness from time to time. There's a simple spell to help chirp up your mood and put that smile back on your beautiful face. 

What you'll need:
  • 2 Orange candles
  • Some dried lavender
What to do:

Place a few springs of lavender in between the 2 candles, set the candles alight. Allow your hands to feel the warmth whilst repeating the following spell 7 times:

This spell please bless
For my happiness

Let the candles continue to burn down (safely) and you'll be happier in no time. 

You see, there is a spell to fulfil almost any desire. These spells are so readily available online or in spellbinding books. Try a little Voodoo and get your 'Witch' on, for all your problems could be solved with just a little Hocus Pocus!

Enjoy crafting these spells and invite a little magic into your life. If the spell fails to work, just enjoy the magic of believing that miracles can happen and your dreams can still come true!

Until next time... Stay Wicked my little witchy!

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