Jojoba Me Up

Let me introduce you to a little miracle ingredient known as Jojoba. You've probably heard of it, you've most definitely used it but do you even know what it does? Now I know, I know it sounds like an ancient tribal language which for some reason makes me say it out loud in my most manly voice (even though I'm a woman) as “HOOO,HOOO,BAHHHHHHH” it's such a cool word... go on say it out loud!

Jojoba Oil in glass beaker, flowers in the background.

Now not only does it have a pretty awesome name, but it has unbelievable skin benefits too. Yeah I'm totally serious, this oil will change your life. Or at least your skin anyway.

Now Jojoba has been used in skin care products for a very long time, your Grans' Gran's Gran would have most possibly used jojoba on her skin. If she did you can thank her for your pretty awesome skin now. This ingredient is so popular, I'm surprised it's not gone extinct.

“So what does Jojoba do for my skin?” I hear you ask. Well, one of the greatest things about Jojoba is that it easily penetrates the skin without leaving behind any slimy, greasy residue. This means it can get right down deep beneath those dry layers of skin and moisturise the hell out of them, without making you feel or (even worse) look like an eel.

So we now know it's great for ultimate penetration and gifting skin with deep hydration, but did you know Jojoba gives long acting, 24 hour skin hydration? Yeah that's right, smoother yourself in Jojoba in the morning and let it keep moisturising and hydrating ALL DAY LONG. Moisturising your skin just got a whole lot easier.

Not only will your skin be bursting with hydration, but also crammed with essential nutrients such as Vitamin E & B and rich minerals that help to nourish and protect the skin. What's great about Jojoba is that it works to restore moisture gently, making it perfect for people with sensitive skin.

Whilst Jojoba is filling your skin up with moisture and nutrients, it's also reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, making it an anti-ageing ingredient too. I know what your thinking... “Can I bathe in this stuff?” Hell yeah, I'm definitely giving it a go.

How's your hair? Blessed with beautiful sleek smooth hair? Yeah me neither. No problem for us untameable frizzy chicks, there's always our new favourite ingredient... Jojoba. Jojoba not only moisturises skin, but hair too. So we can say “Goodbye” to frizz and “Hello” to the hair of our dreams.

Jojoba In Glass Jar Surrounded By Simmondsia Chinensis

You think I'm making this up right? Not at all... Jojoba really is that great. In fact... It's so great that back in 1986, the University of Arizona held an 'International Conference on Jojoba and It's Uses'. This well-loved oil is World famous and grows in popularity every day. Get your hands on some now and moisturise your body from Hair to Toe... Jojoba style!

Until next time, stay slick! 

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