Mouthy Madness

Mouthy Madness

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Fun-Filled Lip Facts!

Ladies (and gentlemen of course) how well do you know your lips? What are lips? Think about it... they're just two little pink sausages protruding from our faces, yet they can do so much!!! Lets face it, lips can lie, they can tell the truth, they can allure your crush into falling madly in love with you. They can express your emotions to others, they stop delicious food from falling out of our mouths and let's not forget... they create our perfect kisses. Scientists have even confirmed that full and large lips are the absolute key to sexual attraction!

'Lips' find out more... Sorry I couldn't resist!

Did you know that our lips are one of the only parts of our bodies that don't have sweat or oil glands... That's right... you'll never have to worry about having sweaty lips, how cool is that?! Unfortunately the same can not be said for our pits!

So, we get it, no sweaty lips... However, as we all know, lips do become easily dry and chapped? Whilst your body is busy throwing natural oils out of all of those beautiful glands, your lips (with no glands) are left in a sad state, craving oils and moisture! Fortunately, I've heard about these amazing natural lip products from Naturally Wicked that could totally help you with that... Just a thought!

Here's an interesting fact for those of you with a WICKED sense of humour...The skin on your lips is called Mucosa, (cool name right?) But, 'Mucosa' is the exact same skin as on our private area!!! That's an odd little thought! Yes boys, this includes you also!

For those of us reaching the tipping point or the top of the hill in our lives, we come to realise that oddly everything starts getting bigger. Our bellies grow, our eye bags grow, even our ears get bigger (leaving us feeling like chubby wrinkled gnomes) However, our luscious lips don't enlarge into the most perfectly plumped rim-filled lips... No, oh no, they decide to shrivel up and retreat as our collagen collapses! In case you're wondering, Naturally Wicked have this unbelievable Plumping Lip Treatment, oozing with collagen to create full lips naturally... What a coincidence?!

I could 'lipterally' write about lips all day but, you'd probably stop reading. So, here's my last lip fact (and it's a good one). Every single lip print in the entire world is unique. How incredible is that?

Naturally Wicked encourage you to stop hiding your unique beauty behind lip colours and to start embracing how incredibly perfect you are!

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