The 7 Chakras on a womans body

My Chakras & I

The 7 Energy Chakras

Welcome back you cheeky minx, it's been a long week. I have decided it's time to become self centred and self focused, in a spiritual way, I'm not an egotistical, self-conceited witch (as some would like to think). Like you, I've had my fair share of turbulent times and apparently my Chakras are all out of balance.

So, firstly what the heck are Chakras? I've been alive for over 30 years... Where are my Chakras located? And, why have I never heard of these before?

If you're as curious as I am, then grab a drink and a seat and lets study our Chakras together.

What are Chakras?

7 Chakras For Beginners

Chakras are the centres of spinning energy within our bodies. There are 7 basic chakras, each with it's own vibrational frequency and colour. If any of these energy chakras become blocked, they can often lead to illness and affect your overall well-being. It's important to keep your energy flowing freely.

So these little energy 'wheels' start at the top of your head and end at the bottom of your spine. These chakras influence your emotions and physical state. It is so important to have a deep understanding of each chakra, so here we go...

The 7 Chakras

1 – The Root Chakra... Colour – Red!

Red Root Chakra

This chakra is located at the bottom of our spines, it's literally our foundation. When this chakra is balanced you'll feel secure and calm, it will give you the confidence to tackle new challenges. This chakra can become blocked if you feel threatened or your basic survival skills are tested.


2 – The Sacral Chakra...Colour – Orange!

Orange Sacral Chakra

This chakra can be found roughly two inches below the belly button. The Sacral Chakra not only helps to release your creativity, but also your sexuality and capacity for change. This chakra may become blocked if you are stressed or unhappy within a relationship (this could also be the relationship you have with yourself).


3 – The Solar Plexus Chakra... Colour – Yellow!

Yellow Solar Plexus Chakra

Located around the top of the abdomen. The Solar Plexus is the driving force for your confidence and determination. When this chakra is unblocked, there is nothing you can't achieve. If you are feeling negative and unsuccessful, the chakra could simply just need unblocking to give you the self esteem boost you require.


4 – The Heart Chakra... Colour – Green!

Green Heart Chakra

It's pretty obvious where this chakra is located (directly above the heart). This chakra is connected to your ability to love and feel loved. If this chakra is clear and balanced you will feel empathy and deep inner peace. If this chakra is blocked, or slightly troubled, the pain can only be described as heartache. Treasure this chakra.


5 – The Throat Chakra... Colour – Blue!

Blue Throat Chakra

Again, another obvious one... Basically in the middle of the throat. This chakra is all about self expression. A clear Throat Chakra allows you to be truthful and authentic. If blocked, the chakra may cause misunderstandings and difficulties communicating.


6 – The Third Eye Chakra... Colour – Indigo!

Indigo Third Eye Chakra

If you were to draw another eye in the middle of your brows, this would be where your third eye sits. This chakra is well... An eye opener. If working correctly, it can help your intuition, and open up your horizons. If the Third Eye Chakra is blocked, you can feel self doubt and confusion. Keep this chakra clear to see where you're going on the path of life.


7 – The Crown Chakra... Colour – Violet!

Violet Crown Chakra

Fit for a Queen (or King). This chakra is located where your crown should sit, on the top of your head. The Crown Chakra determines your spiritual connectivity. When all is well with this chakra the World will be a beautiful place and you will have clear, focused, achievable dreams. When this chakra is blocked, you may start to doubt your life's purpose and ultimately, doubt yourself!

There are so many ways to become 'in tune' with your chakras, from meditation classes to online learning. When you are a chakra expert, you will be able to locate and unblock them with ease, mastering your emotions and body's resistance to illness like never before.

So say “goodbye” to mood-swings and “hello” to free flowing energy. Enjoy your week you little happy balanced energy ball!

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