New Year New... Beans?

New Year New... Beans?

That's right, today we're talking about beans, beans and more beans. You see these awesome little veggies are so underrated and under used, I think it's time we stop 'beaning' around the bush and give these little guys a bit of appreciation. 

Mixed Dry Beans


We're all used to the classic 'Baked Beans', these are the little orange beauties swimming in tomato sauce. Baked beans are a quick and easy source of fibre, we just pop open the tin heat them up and stick them on the side of a full English breakfast or a child's classic dinner. So we know they go perfectly on toast, paired with egg and chips and of course partnered with veggie fingers. But, there is so much more to beans than just a quick and easy side filler.

Baked Beans in Tomato Sauce


Mixed beaning it up...

Most of us enjoy a comforting bowl of chilli and rice, right? Of course we do. Now how about mixing it up and swapping the minced beef for mixed beans? Seriously Mexican bean chilli is what it's all about. What's great about this dish is that it's perfect for both vegetarians and meat eaters. Use whichever beans you like; kidney beans, baked beans, butter beans, cannellini beans, just mix them all up. This bean feast will impress all chilli lovers and the great thing is that the minced beef lovers won't even miss the meat. Swap mince for mixed beans and enjoy your healthier guilt-free dinner.

Mexican Mixed Bean Chilli & Rice


Bean there, sliced that...

How do you make a margherita go from zero to hero? With beans! I know what you're thinking "Beans on a pizza, you can not be serious" but I totally am. Do not knock it until you've tried it. Grab yourself a standard boring margherita pizza. Open a tin of baked beans, now we know these come in a tomato sauce and we don't want too much of that on the pizza. Here's what to do... Use a fork to place some of the beans on the uncooked margherita. Spread the beans around and then cover with a generous helping of grated cheese. Pop this beany bonanza in to the oven and allow the pizza to cook. If you love the classic cheesy bean pasty, this pizza will become your new favourite go to comfort food. Some people will call this madness... Bean lovers will call it genius! Try it for yourself. 

Cheese & Bean Pizza


To bean or not to bean?...

Get summer ready with a mixed bean salad. This quick and easy bean delight is the perfect addition to any meal. Simply throw a concoction of mixed beans together (not baked beans this time). Season the mixed beans with lemon juice and chopped garlic (or whichever flavours you prefer) and serve this bean treat at parties, BBQ's or alongside a family meal. This fresh bean salad will be loved by kids and grown ups of all ages. 

Mexican Mixed Bean Salad with Oil and Lemon


Don't like beans? No problem at all, simply plant some in a remote spot in your garden and just like Jack, watch as your beanstalk grows. This will probably result in the growth of more beans but if you're super lucky, you may find a giant and a whole load of golden eggs (you just have to believe). 

Magical Beanstalk on a summers day in nature


2019 the 'Year of the Bean' (or at least that's what we'll call it). 

Until next time... Stay Wicked! 

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