Oh Mother!

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That special day of the year has come around again. It's that one day you get to show your biggest supporter just how much you love her. Of course I'm talking about your dear old mum on Mother's Day.

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Next Sunday, mums everywhere should be popping their feet up, enjoying a peaceful cup of tea whilst admiring their special hand made cards and treats. I feel like this day should come around more than just once a year though, and that's not because I'm now a mother... I genuinely think all mums just deserve one day off a month. Okay so not a whole day but like a few hours would be nice, right?

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We can all very often forget what our mothers have sacrificed for us, what they've had to struggle through not only to give us life but to help us grow into the people we are today. We really should be thanking them more than just once a year. Especially those of us that were terrible teens and drove our parents round the bend... (Sorry mum!)

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This special day has got me thinking about all the amazing things my mum did for me, like turning up to watch all of my performances. Teaching me to be grateful for the clothes on my back and the food in my belly and genuinely supporting me with all of my crazy dreams. So, I'd like to go the extra mile this year and show my mum how much she means to me. I thought about baking her favourite apple cinnamon pie, but I'm not the greatest cook. I thought about buying her a special piece of jewellery for her to treasure but I know her well and she would feel guilty and probably too scared to wear it in case it gets lost. So I decided to write her a little paragraph in this blog. This way, she'll either find this extremely touching and thoughtful or, I'll know once and for all whether she actually reads my blogs or just clicks the 'like' button each week!

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If you are reading this mother, well done and welcome to your blog. As you've already read above I did consider many options of making you feel special this year and this seems to be the best way. I know I'm usually cold hearted and not very open about my emotions (Typical Ice Queen). But, I want you to know you mean the world to me. Thank you for loving me even when I was a little brat, supporting me when I needed you. Keeping me safe and encouraging me to always be 100% myself... Even if that is a dark wicked little miss! You truly have been the most unselfish, loving mother on the entire planet. There is no bouquet of flowers pretty enough, no box of chocolates big enough or no card heart-warming enough to show my gratitude and love for you! So have the very best of days and of course... Stay wicked Mother!

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