Photshop fail funny big bum

Photoshop Fails

Hey guys, welcome back you little devils. This week we are taking a moment to appreciate how hilarious Photoshop requests can be. We've all been there, looking back over photos wishing something could have been done differently. Well lets see some of these REAL edit requests and the images they received.

So this guy James Fridman had me in stitches with some of his very literal photo edits, see for yourselves...

Photoshop fail funny hands

Phot edit funny monkey

phot edit funny slipping

photoshop edits funny shoesphotoshop fails funny boy

Photoshop edit funny duck

Photshop edit funny fail

Photshop fail funny water image 

Funny photshop edit

Phot edit hilarious fail

Superhero phot edit

photoshop edit funny tshirt

funny photo edit

funny photoshop boy knitting

funny picture edit

Hilarious photshop fail car

Funny photoshop fail bubbles

funny photoshop square face

funny shorts photo edit

Funny sushi phot edit

Hilarious sex doll photo fail

I think you will agree, James has some pretty impressive skills. Go visit James on Twitter @fjamie013 check out his other incredible photo edits and maybe even put a photo forward if you dare! See you next week you wicked souls! 

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