Pop It On A Pancake!

Pancakes with raspberries and mint

Welcome back beauty chops!

We all know what day it is tomorrow right?... Of course we do, we've waited all year, that's right it's PANCAKE DAYYYY. And we could not be any more excited could we?! There's so many 'Special days of the year' to celebrate with our loved ones, Valentines, Easter, Christmas, Thanks Giving, etc. What's the best part of each of these days?... Damn right, it's the food. Food glorious food!

Pancakes are legendary. That's true, they even have a national day that celebrates their existence. Broccoli doesn't have it's own day does it? No, ain't nobody saying "I can't wait for Broccoli Day"! But pancakes, they're special.  I could eat pancakes for every meal, every day, all day, they make a great midnight snack too. Pancakes with cheese, pancakes with fruit, pancakes with cream.... I need pancakes!

Stack Of Pancakes Fruit and Syrup

Okay, let's calm down here, they're just pancakes. Soft fluffy warm, delicious, mouth-watering pancakes from the gods!... Oh I'm drooling like a dog outside a butchers!

Dog peeking

Pancake Day was invented back in the good old days, when pancakes were worshipped and placed in stacks upon pedestals. Okay so I'm exaggerating slightly. But they were invented for a good cause (and not just for their incredible taste). Pancake Day was and still is the last feasting day before 'Lent' the 40 days leading up to Easter.  Making home made pancakes was the best way to use up all of those spare ingredients that were hanging around the kitchen. 

The 4 ingredients of pancakes symbolise four points of significance for this time of year:

  • Eggs - Creation
  • Flour - The staff of life
  • Salt - Wholesomeness
  • Milk - Purity

Traditionally pancakes are topped with a squirt of fresh lemon juice and in some cases a sprinkling of sugar. Nowadays, pancakes have unlimited topping options. Here are some delicious ideas below:

Savoury babes:

  • Cheese, pesto & cherry tomatoes
  • Cheese, ham & pineapple
  • Tomato puree, mozzarella & basil
  • Bacon & maple syrup  

Savoury pancakes with eggs and bacon

Sweetie babes:

  • Strawberries,  Cream & Chocolate
  • Peanut butter, walnuts and banana
  • Warm pineapple, mango and syrup
  • Melted Chocolate, cream, marshmallows & fudge cubes

Chocolate marshmallow pancakes

What will you have on yours? I'm a savoury girl through and through so mine shall be oozing and goozing with melted cheese but of course a sweet one for dessert is a must. This time next week I'll be 2 stone heavier and in pancake heaven!

Enjoy your pancakes and stay wicked you little beauts!


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