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Seaweed For My Face?

Seaweed floating in the deep blue sea


Hello Wicked ones, so you're wondering what the hell we're talking about this week? Well my friends, we don't just find our interesting ingredients here upon land... there's some from the sea too. I'm pretty sure you've all heard of seaweed right? You know that green slimy bubbly mess that tangles itself around your pretty little feet. Yeah that's right, the 'Weed of the Sea'.

Naturally Wicked feel it's time to share and declare our new found love for this awesome little weedling. No we've not gone crazy, seaweed is actually awesome for our bodies inside and out!

One ingredient of the sea that we recently discovered and added to our age-reversing Citrus Burst Facial Serum is the incredible Marine Collagen. The Marine Collagen that we use is naturally derived from seaweed and has the power to iron out your wrinkles. Who knew?! Absorbing deep below those precious layers of skin, it not only draws and locks in moisture but is also said to actually assist in stimulating the synthesis of new natural collagen. Hell this stuff is liquid gold, helping your skin to stay plump, hydrated and firm with increased elasticity. Incredible right?!

Simply put, seaweed has the magic ingredient that'll leave you as smooth and fabulous as this handsome fella... Well, almost...


Beautiful dolphin in the sea


Not only should we be rubbing this age reversing weed on our skin, but we should be fuelling our bodies with it too. Seaweed is also absolutely delicious to eat. If you've not yet tried it (and we don't mean that fried cabbage you get from your local takeaway) then you must try it at once. Feast upon crispy seaweed for a salty side that guarantees to tantalise your tongue and add that extra crunch to smushy meals. Not feeling the love for fried seaweed? Keep it fresh and simply steam or boil this healthy delicious and newly stated Superfood', add a little margarine and enjoy. Feeling creative? Perhaps you're a TV chef in the making, surprise your dinner guests and test your culinary skills by rolling it up into your favourite little veg sushi rolls like so...


Delicious sushi and vegetable rice rolls - vegan


This little gem delivers a whole host of benefits when ingested, from supporting the 'good bacteria' of the gut (I know, think of all the cash you can save on probiotic yogurt) to supplying countless vitamins, minerals & antioxidants that the body (and skin) craves. Then there's the fact that it beats off the causes of heart disease with a big stick and even assists in healthy thyroid function! Who would have thought the answer to our modern day problems lay at the bottom of the ocean?

This stuff is so unbelievably good I just want to eat it and smother it over myself daily... Heck... I might just move to the seaside for an unlimited supply!

Don't be a WEED... try SEAWEED! 

Stay salty folks!

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