Signs Of A Narcissist!

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Hey, welcome back my beauts. This weeks we're asking the question 'What is a Narcissist?'

Well, my friends let me explain. Narcissism is the personality trait usually referred to as 'Arsehole'. Narcissists are real people with real issues. It's not very easy to spot the narcissism when you first meet someone, (this is what makes narcissists dangerous). However, below is a list of things to look out for when you suspect someone may be a one!

Perhaps you live with a narcissists or maybe you are one yourself but of course, if you are... you'll never admit that to yourself will you?

Okay, so... Let's say you're in a relationship. Your partner is beautiful, funny, confident however, there are a few strange traits that have started to reveal themselves the closer you two get. Perhaps you're starting to notice the constant demand of attention and admiration. This can begin to put a lot of pressure on the relationship if this need for attention continues to grow more and more. You have to have time for yourself too right? Well, no a narcissist wouldn't think so. They concentrate on having their own needs and desires fulfilled, yours can wait.

So now you're thinking 'This sounds familiar?', well yes of course it will and then there's the ego situation. A narcissist will always think they're better than everyone else and must be treated like so. This person has no trouble whatsoever saying what they think even at other people expense, after all this person is better than everyone and therefore right in everything they say. But God forbid you actually give a slight critical comment back, this is not acceptable for a narcissist and they will react to the criticisms with anger and rage. And you can forget about that apology after they've cooled off... 'I'm sorry' is not in their vocabulary!

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Narcissists sugar coat their world and see themselves as the perfect model citizen, a work of art, everything about them or around them has to be perfect. They have a strong sense of entitlement. Narcissists are so engrossed in this imaginary version of themselves that they use it as a way of masking and ignoring their deep insecurities. This can create a poisonous relationship and living situation.

These egotistical people have no empathy for others and therefore can be very hurtful towards loved ones, they feel no attachment or belonging. They are ruthless, selfish and powered on their own self love. As long as they have themselves, they'll be alright!

How do narcissists feel about change? Well, they don't take to change very well as they are perfect of course. If something needs changing, it's always someone else's responsibility and fault. For most people living with a narcissist, it very quickly becomes easier to just accept the blame and obey the demands. But who really wants to live like this?

It's easy to fall in love with a narcissist. They have a proud, strong aura with an attractive and magnetic charm. They are the ultimate seducers that'll have you feeling desired and loved. Do not be fooled, once under their spell you'll be pushed lower and lower on their priorities until you are no more than a person that serves to fulfil their desires and demands. Do not lose yourself whilst holding on to the image of the great person you once met. That person does not exist, it's merely a glimpse of the perfect person they believe themselves to be.

Love is a strange emotion, built with uncontrollable power. Love is hard to control but it can very easily control you. Loving someone so cold hearted is ultimately going to bring you more harm than good. Please learn to love yourself enough to either be content in your narcissistical relationship or love yourself enough to leave!

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