Skin Care For Your Child?

Naturally Wicked: Skin Care For Children?

Ladies and Gents... How much do you really know about the skin care products that you apply to your body daily? Do you know where each ingredient comes from or how it is made? Most of the time, we don't give it a second thought. We choose a brand or a product that looks eye-catching, smells lush and features a logo or name we've all heard of... great right?

Well no, not really. Unfortunately the majority of popular skin care products are not made from natural ingredients. They may declare on the label that it includes the juice of 20,000 limes, but what about the nasty chemicals they're hiding in small print on the back?

If you're a parent, before you put on that well-known moisturiser or colourful lip balm, ask yourself just one question... “Would I put this on my child?” If the answer is no then throw that tub away, just pop it straight in the bin! 

If you're not willing to put faith in that skin care range protecting and helping a child's skin, then why are you so eager to put it on your own?

Chemical filled cosmetics are no good for anybody at any age. These chemicals sink into the skin and put our bodies at risk, regardless of their perceived effects in the short-term.


Naturally Wicked - Tobacco 1940's attitude


Prove it... Okay... Take cigarettes... They were great for us just 75 years ago. And I'm damn sure the stress relieving effects were outstanding at the time, certainly outstanding enough to improve the look of your skin short term! But then 20 years later when reality struck and it became apparent that smoking was in fact turning human lungs and skin to leather... views changed! It wasn't until many decades later that the unhealthy effects became common knowledge... And it wasn't until a few decades after that before children inhaling chemical infused second hand smoke was raised as an issue! And now we have chemicals in skincare - which let's be honest, is a fairly new thing! Take a video below which shows a skincare regime in the 1950's! Yes, concerningly it's more natural than many now!



So whilst progressing with the times and using a scrub over a cloth may make sense (particularly if it also refills the skin with vitamins and goodness), using a none natural, chemical filled scrub is none other than regression... from the 1950's! Just think about that for a minute. 

You already come into contact with an absolute mass of chemicals day to day in the 21st century, without consent. Be it in the form of stupidly high air pollution levels, industrial dust, acid rain, your work environment or half of the food you're eating! Why on earth would you willingly subject yourself to even more chemicals in your skin care? If there is only one place you are able to detox from these chemical sins in the present day, it is your skin care.

It was for this very reason that Naturally Wicked was brought to life. Each and every skin care product is carefully created using nothing but the purest natural ingredients on the planet. Ingredients grown fresh from Earth, rich in nutrients and loaded with anti-oxidants that our bodies not only crave, but genuinely need! 

But I'm not here to sell you Naturally Wicked's incredible skin care products. You'll already know about their incredible natural benefits, affordability, vegan friendly and cruelty free perks. (Okay so I plugged it a little) I'm simply here to inspire you to look after your body and our planet... It's the only one you'll ever have! It's the only one your children will ever have!

One must realise that pouring money into chemicals will only make for more chemicals... Chemicals that will inevitably upset the balance of your body and planet at some point. One must also realise that feeding large commercial giants that give very little back to the world is not the way to go. Large companies need to do better... More needs to be given back! Around the world, our rivers are suffering, our seas are suffering, our animals are suffering and our bodies are suffering. This is where you people come in. You are in charge of the future! YOU (the reader) and your choices dictate the future... Not the commercial giants!

Go natural, you owe it to yourself... You owe it to your children! 

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