Naturally Wicked Skin Care Hacks - Beautiful Girl Holding Floral Bush

Skin Care In Your Kitchen

Naturally Wicked Skin Care Hacks - Lady With Great Skin On Yellow Flowered Tree

Hey girl, today is your lucky day! Why? Because I'm going to let you in on 5 ultimate skin care products that are already lurking in your kitchen... I'm talking natural items and plants that you'll find in almost every household in the UK... Ingredients that skin care gurus like Naturally Wicked pop in products time and time again... and the hidden gems that just wouldn't fit well, but do a damn fine job!

'Yeah, yeah... I've heard it all before.' Well I'm going to assure you that in this article, you're to learn something new, something that will absolutely benefit your body. And I'm so sure of it, that I'll personally offer a Naturally Wicked 10% discount to anybody who reads it and disputes it. So, here we go, Number One, and with good reason...



This fierce and fabulous vinegar will have you (temporarily smelling like a portion of chips BUT ALSO) glowing from head to toe... There's no skin problem too big for this tasty acidic juice.

Apple Cider Vinegar - Skin Care Benefits

How to use:

  • This detoxifying beauty juice is perfect for boosting liver functions and balancing bacteria in the gut. Drink a shot of this tangy but tempting vinegar daily to become naturally radiant from the inside out. A daily dash of Apple Cider Vinegar can also clear major skin issues including the likes of acne and eczema. Yes, I'm serious... This stuff addresses your bodies pH balance. I'm not going to get too scientific here, but take it from me, you've got a salty diet. Most of us UK ladies have, no matter how healthy we think we are. That intake of salt needs opposing and Vinegar does a fine job... Apple Cider Vinegar does an exceptional job!
  • Bad breath? No worries, use apple cider vinegar as a mouth wash as it creates a hostile environment for bacteria that cause bad breath. Bursting with a rich mixture of minerals such as calcium, sodium and potassium, this magical mixture is the boss when it comes to maintaining great oral health. So swirl away folks... A note to add here, do be sure to rinse afterwards.
  • Skin problems? Stretch marks? Scars? Spots? Lather yourself up in a 2:1 concoction of water and apple cider vinegar and apply all over your body. Leave for as long as you like (I would advise an hour or 2) and let this rich vinegar penetrate and repair your skin for amazing instant results. Just remember to rinse off before leaving the house. The smell isn't great. But the results are so add it to your skin care regime today!



Yeah we all know this is tasty on potatoes or with tequila and makes our long uncontrollable hair actually look great on the beach, but what about our bodies? Well, sea salt actually contains many of the same minerals found within our skin... They work hand in hand!

Salt Uses In Skin Care - Salt In Brown Dish

How to use:

  • Create your very own facial mask using any type of fruit of veg such as avocado, cucumber or banana and add Himalayan or Celtic sea salts. Not only can this be used as a natural exfoliator, but also with a high quantity of anti-inflammatory properties, salt helps to soothe and calm skin breakouts whilst balancing oil production. This will have you looking and feeling great in no time.
  • Create your very own facial toner that naturally cleanses pores and balances oil production in one go. Simply mix sea salt and warm water, stir or shake (if in a closed bottle) and apply to your face daily, there's no need to rinse... The results will be phenomenal.
  • Run yourself a relaxing sea salt bath. This natural cleanser will have every pore on your body feeling revitalised and refreshed. The minerals within the sea salt help to restore your bodies natural protective barrier helping your skin to retain moisture for longer. And just in case that's not enough, salt water helps to stop you turning into a little prune in the bath, gone are the days of getting out and looking like you've suddenly aged 50 years.... Phew!


(3) SAGE

Lets start off with Sage and her natural benefits. You may be lucky enough to have this little beauty in your garden already... But if not, get down to your local garden centre or home store. It'll be there amongst the outdoor racks. “What does sage do for my skin though?” I hear you ask. Sage is bursting with antioxidants that make it an outstanding addition to any anti-ageing product. It restores the natural balance in oily, acne-prone skin whilst the Calcium and Vitamin A within sage help to promote cell regeneration.

Sage Skin Care Benefits

How to use:

  • Create your very own skin toner that'll help regulate your natural sebum (skin oil) production. Simply pick a handful of sage, squish it into a large jug and add boiling water. Leave for 1 – 2 hours with a cover over the top, and filter through a sieve. There you have it, sage toner. For a real kick, you could add Green Tea, known for its ability to repair sun damaged skin, or why not try some cleansing rosemary.
  • Give your hair the nutrients it craves by simply boiling sage and allowing the sage juice to cool before using it as a natural hair rinse. The sage tea rinse will relieve your scalp of dandruff and leave hair smooth and shiny. Trust us, your hair will thank you for it.
  • Dental issues? No problem... Sage is here to help. Boil it into an effective mouthwash and use daily. Gargle with sage tea to relieve a sore throat or freeze pure sage in ice cubes and suck at your leisure to relieve sore gums. Eat it... Why not, it tastes delicious!


Yeah I know what you're thinking “I am not a cat!”... I know that but the famous Catnip plant has unbelievable health and beauty benefits for human folk. So not only does this hilarious herb seduce cats into a sleepy happy slumber, but it also does incredible miracles for your body... And the cats have been keeping this secret to themselves all this time!

Cat Nip Uses In Skin Care - Grey Cat

How to use:

  • Stop premature ageing in it's tracks with this herbal tea. Studies have shown this to be greatly effective if two cups of catnip tea are drank daily... Somebody pass me the tea!
  • Catnip is the king of tightening loose muscles and skin if used over a constant period. Many athletes use it as a natural remedy for cramp and tensed muscles. Drink it, rub it on your body, bathe in it... You name it, this mighty herb will always have a way to help.
  • Women... With just a few cups of catnip tea or a skin massage of catnip oil you can rest assured that those pesky monthly cramps and pains will be instantly relieved. Not only that, it helps to balance our out of control hormones too. So say goodbye to crying over spilt tea, feeling upset over the smallest things and laughing until you cry hysterically... You're partner will appreciate this too.


Where, oh where would we be without this skin care essential! It is in a whole host of natural skin care products throughout the world.... So why the hell are you not putting it on your skin yet. This little beauty has been used for centuries and it's no surprise why really given its tremendous health benefits.

Olive Oil Skin Benefits

How to use:

  • Oil yourself up before bed... You can go head to toe if you wish... Just avoid the eyes. Oil in the eyes never feels good! Loaded with natural antioxidants such as Vitamin E, you're sure to see results after just one month of sleeping like an oiled princess. And you'd think you'd wake up an oily mess. You're wrong. This stuff has no issues penetrating your skin and a quick morning rinse is all that's required.
  • A hair treatment to die for. Warm a small amount of this magical conditioning oil and rub into hair and scalp. Leave for one hour before washing and conditioning hair. A couple of treatments will have hair strong and healthy.
  • Eat it... I don't know what you're currently cooking with... but the health benefits of Olive Oil (particularly extra virgin olive oil) are profound! Since we are (as they say) what we eat, this is a simple change to your diet that can only impact on your health positively. Make the change... Your skin will thank you.

There are so many many more... Hell, I could write all day! But I'll save it for my next skin care article. In the meantime, feel free to comment or add suggestions.
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