Walking bare foot on hot ashes and coal

Tread Carefully

Horse shape made of fire

Are you searching for a spiritual awakening, an outer body experience, a physical challenge or perhaps just a bit of a laugh?

Well my dear have you ever considered taking a walk across hot burning coals, fire and burning ashes? Today, we're exploring the ancient tradition of 'FIREWALKING'. Now I know the idea of removing one's comfy, protective footwear to blindly place your delicate and sensitive feet up on burning ashes seems like a slightly silly thing to do. So why do so many people rave about it? Lets find out...

Bubbling cauldron's on hot burning ashes

The name 'FIREWALKING' should raise caution to any sensible human right? But actually the soul awakening benefits have even the most intellectual of our species tossing their shoes aside for a stroll down the burning path.

The tradition of walking over burning coals and ashes stems back through many centuries across the globe. The idea is to use the activity as a way of letting go of the things that hold you back and conquering your fears by challenging yourself physically and mentally.

Roaring forest fire 

The tradition varies from place to place. Some cultures hold grand 'releasing' ceremonies, some see it as a right of passage or a coming of age ritual, whilst many see it as a personal challenge and something they must accomplish.

So now you may be interested in giving the hot fire path a go for yourself? But how? Well, the name is pretty self explanatory but the general gist is that one removes their shoes and socks before stepping across the burning ground. For most people, this would seem like an impossible challenge but many many people have conquered the path of Hell. So why not you?

ash and laver

I hear you wondering why you've never seen someone with blistered feet heading off to the emergency room. Well, scientist have two very simple reasons for this. Firstly the path of fire is a more or less flat, walk-able surface created out of poor heat conducting materials. The layer of ash created by these materials also forms an extra layer between your feet and the fire.

Secondly, the adrenaline inside your body at the time helps you to cross swiftly, ensuring your feet are barely even touching the warm ground.

fire and coal on black background

So if you're feeling like giving it a go, there are many firewalking events held across the country and Google will be sure to point out an event close to you. Enjoy your heated challenge, I'll see you next week hot stuff!

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