Which Natural Element Are you?

Natural Elements on black background, earth, water, air & fire

Hey fellow wicked ones, welcome back. Now you all know I love the darker side of nature, so this week, we're exploring the different types of natural elements. A.K.A. The fabulous Naturally Wicked Queens!

Are you feisty and ferocious? Mysterious and deep? Or Loyal And Grounded? Let's find out (take note of the numbers you select)...

Question 1 

Describe how you act under pressure?
  1. Have an emotional break down
  2. Get heated and enraged
  3. Run Away
  4. Handle the situation with calmness
  5. You crack under pressure
  6. You live for it, that's how you show off your skills


Question 2

Where would you rather live?
  1. UK
  2. Africa
  3. America
  4. New Zealand
  5. Antarctica
  6. Uganda


Question 3

How would your friends describe you?
  1. Mysterious & Deep
  2. Energetic & Explosive
  3. Adventurous & Easy going
  4. Grounded & Loyal
  5. Cool & Confident
  6. Wild & Playful


Question 4

What would you rather eat?
  1. Smoothies all day long
  2. Anything hot & spicy
  3. Whipped cream
  4. Crunchy Vegetables
  5. Ice-cream
  6. Popping candy


Question 5

Which colour do you prefer?
  1. Blue
  2. Red
  3. Grey
  4. Green
  5. White
  6. Yellow
Let's find out how you did... 

If you chose mainly number 1's, then you are the mysterious Wicked Water Queen

Wicked Water Queen

If you chose mainly number 2's, then you are the feisty Wicked Fire Queen

Wicked Fire Queen

If you chose mainly number 3's, then you are the adventurous Wicked Air Queen

Wicked Air Queen

If you chose mainly number 4's, then you are the grounded Wicked Earth Queen

Wicked Earth Queen

If you chose mainly number 5's, then you are the deadly Wicked Ice Queen

Wicked Ice Queen

If you chose mainly number 6's, then you are the explosive Wicked Storm Queens

Wicked Storm Queens

For more information about your chosen element visit the Naturally Wicked Queen page. If you chose a variety of numbers then my dear you are a mixed bag of outrageous elements... Good luck with that!

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