Who you gonna call? Naturally Wicked!

Spooky Ghost Chair In Dark Haunted House

Do you hear strange noises in the night?

Do things creak and objects move when you're home alone?

Do you feel the presence of a mysterious shadow watching your every move?

Don't worry Naturally Wicked are ghost hunting experts and with our help you'll be a professional ghost hunter too. Unless, you said yes to the third question... That's too scary for us, you're on you're own (or are you???)

Ghostly Wicked Woman

Okay, you feel there may be a spirit, ghost, presence or visitor in your home, no problem. First things first... Lets set the mood (not for that you kinky little minxy), Clear the clutter and get yourself a handful of sage. Sage is perfect for cleansing the home of unwanted energies and cleaning your aura too. Smudging (or cleansing) the air around you and corners where mysterious things like to lurk is like a spiritual sage shower, the smoke released actually changes the ionic composition of the air around you.... Cool right?!

White Smoke On Black Background

So you've smudged your home, yourself, family members and your beloved pets too, now lets try a little positive thinking. Negative thoughts lead to panic and overreactions. Think positive, strong, happy and brave thoughts, come on you can do this. 

Positive Thinking Happy Man

You're cleansed, positive and ready to hunt down your spooky visitor. Next, you'll need the GHOST HUNTING TOOLS, now there are many fascinating tools for this out there such as:

  • Spirit Boxes - These use radio frequency sweeps to capture white noise. These can be purchased online or if money is tight, maybe a cardboard version will be enough to trick the ghost or at least help you to feel more prepared. 
  • Thermal Cameras - Use this to track the spirit down by watching it's every move (if you're feeling brave enough).
  • The Beginner Kit - These include loads of super cool gadgets that'll have you feeling like a ghost buster in no time.
  • All of the above too much? Just grab yourself a torch. 

Man Using Torch Light In The Dark

Now lets set off... Slowly and quietly, staying in that calm peaceful zone start to walk around your house. Say nice things like "you are loved" and "be at peace" and there you go. Your home will start to feel lighter and calmer. Congratulate yourself on your epic ghosting skills and relax in your now calm environment. 

Brunette Woman Relaxing At Home

Unless... You just angered it, in which case... Sell your house, move far far away and forget all of my advice. Hey, don't blame me, i'm a ghostie newbie too.

Man Running Through Dark Forest

Have fun ghost-buster and don't forget to stay WICKED... Naturally Wicked!


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