Fortune Soap Ingredients - Lover

A Mass Of Green Aloe Vera Leaves Clumped TogetherAloe Vera
A natural Anti-inflammatory, Aloe Vera lightens blemishes, moisturises skin and reverses signs of ageing.
A Pile Of White Organic Sugar In A Cone ShapeOrganic Sugar
We add pure sugar to our soaps to ensure that the most super fluffy and foamy soap lather is attained.
RSPO Logo Indicating That Naturally Wicked Palm Oil Is Sustainably SourcedOrganic Sodium Palmate
Forms the main soap detergent and is derived from the acids of sustainably sourced Palm Oil.
Pure Clear Blue Water Droplet In Teardrop ShapeAqua
We use water as a pure & natural alternative to harmful petrochemical soap additions.
Bottles Of Vegetable Glycerin With Vegetables InsideVegetable Glycerin
Derived wholly from vegetables, our glycerin is 15% Organic and forms the moisture retentive base of our soap.
White Sea Salt In A Brown Bowl With ScoopSalt
We use Pure & Simple Salt to Harden our soap bars and bring the best cleansing experience.
A Brown Coconut Split Into Half With Coconut White Inner Showing In Between Palm LeavesOrganic Sodium Cocoate
Derived from the fatty acids of Coconut Oil to provide superior cleansing.
Large Bright Orange Pumkin With Stalk On TopPumpkin Seed Oil
Packed with antioxidants, Pumpkin firms skin and reverses signs of ageing.
Three Bright Yellow Corn Cobs With Green Husk Still VisibleDecyl Glucoside
Easily produced by reacting cornstarch syrup with Coconut alcohol, Decyl Glucoside assists in making our soaps ultra foamy and moisturising.
Mixed Fruits & Including Bananas, Plums, Kiwis Apples & PineapplesAroma
Fruity aroma is added to enhance this luscious flavour rich soap.
Two Whole Bright Yellow Lemons & A Half Lemon With Inner Exposed In Front Of Green Lemon LeavesCitric Acid
Derived from Citrus Fruits, Citric Acid assists in binding & preserveing our soap blocks.
Brown Shea Nuts With Inner White Creamy Butter ExposedShea Butter
Bursting with vitamins E, A & C, this rich, hydrating & natural moisturiser nourishes, tones & soothes skin.
Brown Bowl Full Of Bright White Sodium Citrate PowderSodium Citrate
As a neutralised form of citric acid, Sodium Citrate binds plant oils with the soap.
A Bunch Of Jojoba Nuts With Green Leaves AttachedJojoba Oil
An almost perfect match with our skins own oil, Jojoba oil is super hydrating and offers long lasting moisturisation.
Brown Cracked Coconut Halves Exposing White Inners Amongst Green Palm LeavesCoconut Oil
With unrivalled moisturising and healing properties, this antibacterial oil is an essential skin perfecting ingredient.
Bright Red Whole Palm Tree Fruit Alongside Two Chopped Halves Exposing Inner FruitSodium Palm Kernelate
As a neutralised form of palm oil acid, Sodium Palm Kernelate binds plant oils with soap.