Spellbinding Luck Candle

Crystal Spell Candle
Scented With Lethal Lime

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Vegan Symbol In Purple & Green With 100% Natural & Vegan Soy Wax Written Around
Purple & Green Cruelty free Bunny Rabbit Symbol With Not Tested On Animals Written Around
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Handcrafted By UK Sorceress Icon With Red & Blue Patterned British Flag
✅ Cast Your Own Luck Spell With A Sacred Spellbinding Candle
 Features Natural Sizzling & Crackling Wood Wick
 Includes Green Epidote Good Luck Crystal, Luck Spell Card, Fitted Mirrored Steel Lid & Classy Gift Box
 Scented With Lethal Lime; Sweet, Luscious & Fresh
✅ 🌿 Natural Soy Wax | 🐇 Cruelty Free |  Vegan | 🇬🇧 Made In The UK

    'Luck is not found, it is made!'

    The Spellbinding Luck Candle is no ordinary candle. Handcrafted by our resident sorceress and forged from vegan soy wax, this enchanting spell candle is bursting with the spirit of a leprechaun, the colour of the Northern Lights, and the scent of a thousand rich limes. Entombed within the mystical green wax is a captivating Spotted Epidote Crystal, renowned for bringing good luck. Once the crystal is withdrawn from the sacred spellbound wax, one must only utter significant words and ignite the spitting & crackling wick to initiate the spell.

    Naturally Wicked Spellbinding Luck Spell Candle Entombed With Green Spotted Epidote Luck Crystal Sits in Bright Green Clover Field

    This mesmerising spellbound candle and crystal hold the promise of good luck, self growth, improved intuition and a lease of fresh energy. With an elegant yet powerful luck orientated gem to treasure long after the spellbinding candle has been exhausted, you can rest assured that the effects of this breathtaking spell will be felt forever more.


    Cast The Luck Spell In 3 Simple Steps

    ◦STEP 1 – Twist and pull the Spotted Epidote Crystal from the spellbound surface to energize the waxy depths.

    ◦STEP 2 – Hold the jewel close to your heart whilst visualising your deepest dreams and desires.

    ◦STEP 3 – Read the spell card out loud and ignite the maple wick.

    Protect your stone at all costs, for the spell shall cease when connection is lost.

    Are you in need of a little luck my friend? On a losing streak? Looking for four leaf clovers in a field of threes? Rubbing lucky horse shoes until your hands hurt? Luck isn't always on our side. And it's probably for the best that it isn't. On this outrageous rollercoaster that we call life, it'd be impossible to enjoy the highs if we couldn't contrast them with the lows. That said, there are rare occasions in life when we are beaten to our knees and have lost all ability to stand back up. If you're stuck in a negative spiral and are looking for a way out, the spellbinding luck candle is here to offer a helping hand. You've made it this far; perhaps your luck is on the change already!

    What's Inside:

    Supplied In Black Gift Box:
    ➼ Naturally Wicked® Spellbinding Luck Candle
    ➼ Black Glass Container & Chrome Candle Lid
    ➼ Naturally Wicked® Spell Card
    ➼ Green Spotted Epidote Crystal

    Technical Details:

    ➼ Candle Dimensions: 9.5cm x 8cm
    ➼ Candle Wax Volume: 250ml
    ➼ Burn Time: 40 Hours
    Naturally Wicked Spellbinding Crystal Candle Technical Drawing With Jar, Lid & Crystal Sizing

    Directions For Use:

    Instruction card supplied. Warnings on underside of spell candle. General best practice guidelines for candles are as follows:
    ➼ Ensure candle is on a heatproof surface with no overhead obstructions
    ➼ For continued optimum scent, flame and wax pool, burn in 4 hour periods
    ➼ Maintain a consistent flame by trimming wick height to 10mm before each use
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 24 reviews
    Just Gorgeous

    So delighted with this candle! The smell is absolutely divine. Beautiful wick when lit. Totally recommend!

    sharon wailes

    Spellbinding Luck Candle

    Shannon Scantlebury-Cameron

    Beautiful smelling candle absolutely gorgeous thank you

    Emma Millers
    In love

    I’ve brough 3 different candels now (happiness, luck and ouija) I love them all they smell so good and I love the fact that they come with a stone too! Definitely recommend!!

    Felix Felicis in candle form?!

    I liked the idea of this and it did not disappoint. Very well-made product and it smells far from lethal - it has a beautiful creamy citrus scent. I haven't lit it yet - I'll keep for when most required! I've also ordered the Friendship and Health ones - each has a different scent and stone. Many Thanks!

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