Voodoo Pain Candle

Crystal Spell Candle
Scented With Pain-A-Colada

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Vegan Symbol In Purple & Green With 100% Natural & Vegan Soy Wax Written Around
Purple & Green Cruelty free Bunny Rabbit Symbol With Not Tested On Animals Written Around
5 Purple & Green Wicca Pentagrams Denoting 5 Star Reviews With Verified 5 Star Reviews Written Around
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Handcrafted By UK Sorceress Icon With Red & Blue Patterned British Flag
🟢 Perform Your Own Voodoo Spell With The Voodoo® Pain Candle
🟢 Voodoo Spell Candle Inc. Voodoo Doll (Tartarus Torture), Leopardskin Jasper Crystal Wand, Pain Spell Card, Sealed Luxury Lid & Classy Gift Box
🟢 Features Natural Crackling Maple Wooden Wick
🟢 Voodoo Candle & Pain Inducing Crystal Dagger Fused In Voodoo Bond By UK Sorceress
🟢 Scented With Pain-A-Colada; Fruity, Creamy & Dreamy
🟢 🌿 Natural Wax | 🐇 Cruelty Free |  Vegan | 🇬🇧 Made In The UK

    Punchy Aromas Flood The Air As Pain-A-Colada Escapes The Grasp Of The Menacing Candle Wax

    Naturally Wicked Voodoo Pain Spell Candle Amongst Torture Chains & Orange Voodoo Pain Doll

    Handcrafted by the deviant Naturally Wicked Sorceress and her fellow White Witch, the Voodoo Pain Candle couldn’t be further away from any ordinary candle. Forged from sacred soy wax and bewitched into a star-crossed union with its accompanying voodoo doll, Tartarus Torture, this lethal ritual candle spells agony… for its victim at least. The practitioner on the other hand, may bathe in something far more desirable; the extravagant and mouth wateringly sweet aroma of Pain-A-Colada.

    Possess Your Voodoo Subject In 5 Simple Steps

    STEP 1

    Voodoo Doll Laid Flat Beside Naturally Wicked Voodoo Candle

    Carefully lay the dormant voodoo doll flat beside the Voodoo Candle

    STEP 2

    Hand Removing Crystal Wand From Naturally Wicked Voodoo Candle With Voodoo Doll Laid Beside

    Twist & pull the Leopardskin Jasper crystal dagger from the blessed wax

    STEP 3

    Witch Holding Crystal Wand On Voodoo Doll Whilst Reciting Voodoo Spell

    Press the jewel against the chest of the voodoo doll, visualise your human subject & read the spell out loud

    STEP 4

    Hand Igniting Naturally Wicked Voodoo Candle Causing Voodoo Doll Awakening

    Ignite The Voodoo Candle to initiate the voodoo awakening

    STEP 5

    Witch Applying Voodoo Magic To Voodoo Doll With Blessed Crystal Wand

    Use the dagger to inflict pain upon your subject's mind, body & soul

    Unleash Vindictive Voodoo As Master Of The Sinister Leopardskin Crystal Wand

    Entombed within the mystical and vibrant wax is a precious voodoo dagger, carved from Leopardskin Jasper crystal. Once withdrawn from the blessed wax, one must only envision their victim, chant significant words and ignite the spitting & crackling wick to unlock the passageway to their subject’s soul. Fiery orange in colour, with all elements of the spell interconnected in line with voodoo pain tradition, this mesmerising voodoo candle, torturous voodoo doll and intimidating Leopardskin crystal dagger promise the delivery of communication and stimulated intent within the physical world.

    Pain Is The Way To Bring Peace

    Scorned by buried anger and filled with uncontrollable rage? Many would advocate that one should rise above anger and the desire to cause pain, fighting instead to enhance peace and love within all. And nearly all of the time, that moral sentiment would be hard to argue with, particularly in situations where facts are unsubstantiated and opinions prevalent. However, emotion is not a noise that should always be ignored! Though rare, there are occasions in life where chaos simply cannot be neutralised with any action deemed to be morally positive. Falling into the grasps of a hungry lioness for instance, may demand a change of tact. In a world where survival is the primary goal, emotions are essential and the desire to inflict pain possibly best defined as a sensible defence mechanism. Actions bring results, results lead to moral dilemmas, moral dilemmas result in actions. If it’s absolutely necessary to take an action, then perhaps that action should be subtle, hidden and made with great consideration. Behold the Voodoo Pain Candle.

    What's Inside:

    Supplied In Cursed Vooodoo Gift Box:
    ➼ Naturally Wicked® Voodoo Pain Candle
    ➼ Naturally Wicked® Voodoo Pain Doll
    ➼ Black Glass Container & Chrome Candle Lid
    ➼ Naturally Wicked® Voodoo Spell Card
    ➼ Leopardskin Jasper Crystal Dagger

    Technical Details:

    ➼ Candle Dimensions: 9.5cm x 8cm
    ➼ Candle Wax Volume: 250ml
    ➼ Burn Time: 40 Hours
    Naturally Wicked Voodoo Candle Technical Drawing With Jar, Crystal & Voodoo Doll Sizing

    Directions For Use: 

    Instruction card supplied. Warnings on underside of candle. General best practice guidelines for candles are as follows:
    ➼ Ensure candle is on a heatproof surface with no overhead obstructions
    ➼ For continued optimum scent, flame and wax pool, burn in 4 hour periods
    ➼ Maintain a consistent flame by trimming wick height to 10mm before each use
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    David Van-praagh
    Not used it yet


    Tammy Hunter
    Creative and Functioning

    I love this concept of candles. Who hasn't wanted a voodoo doll of the one who wronged them. Smells great and the little cursed guy is an added bonus. Hope it works... Lol


    Voodoo Pain Candle

    Vikki Lowe
    Love it

    Absolutely smells amazing love it

    Marie Bannister
    Smells incredble

    I love the scent, the packaging and the little voodoo doll. I just hope the spell works!

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