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Do Spell Candles Really Work?

In asking this question, you’ve just inadvertently taken one of the most important steps you’ll ever take in your life!

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Hear That Alarm?!? The Spirit Within Is Waking Up To Its Full Potential

Seriously… This isn’t some sales blurb. Congratulations! Having overcome the first of many steps in your spiritual journey of evolution (opening the mind), you’ve entered a new era in your life. A period where your deep connection with the universe is to be realised. And with that realisation comes the promise of real harmony, of true meaning and of a genuine avenue to achieving your full potential. And I mean your full potential.

But what do I know?!? I’m just a hippy in an office, after all! That is true, but I’m a happy one, and I’m certainly free from the chains of materialism, at least to the extent that I’d like to be. And let’s not get too deep into the fact that I manifest all of my desires in this world, within reason, much to the shock and surprise of those borne from a similar background and culture.

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🎵 We Are Living In A Material World 🎵

See, there exists two planes in this world (and universe for that matter) and I can bloody well prove it! Here you are now, as we are much of the time, in your material world (just like Madonna, right!) reading a screen, considering your time restraints, your next meeting, or what you forgot to do this morning. Crikey, now there’s even a song playing in your head.

But what about those times when your soul yearns for answers (often at night as the material mind loses steam), or when one too many exceptionally strange coincidences occur, or when things feel ‘just right’, and on the contrary ‘just wrong’? What about when somebody talks about that really weird thing that just occurred in your life and couldn’t possibly have happened to somebody else in the same neighbourhood, at the same time, but did? Damn, you’d sound like a liar even mentioning it following their story! Or the times where you meaningfully wished so hard on a star, only for your wish to materialise exactly as envisioned weeks, months or even years later!

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We Are But Specks In The Cosmic Dance

It may initially challenge your beliefs to learn that we are all simply tiny components of the same great being, be it ‘God’, the universe, a none-physical realm, or in Elon Musk’s view; a complex simulation system. Regardless of the specifics, the fundamental point remains the same. There exists a complex grid or web of energy, to which we are all connected, and in which messages, thoughts and intentions can be sent, retrieved and built upon.

Don’t believe me? I get it. But get this, even the CIA (The USA’s Central Intelligence Agency) have spent a lot of time trying to get to the bottom of our spiritual existence and connection, and the results are astounding, at least they are to those that haven’t yet considered the spiritual realm. Oh, you think I’m one of them special types… You’ve surely stumbled into a conspiracy theory, right? Nope. Here’s a verified CIA exercise which explores this very subject, with plenty of documentation, available directly from the CIA website: The Gateway Experience.

The Gateway Experience can be a slightly tricky read in places, so be sure to set aside some time to properly digest the information. Put simply, the aim of the experiment was to realise the full potential of the human mind and spirit, exploring deeper than ever before into the varying realms of consciousness (and sometimes lack thereof), to obtain messages and extract desirable material results from the planet’s & universe’s interconnectedness. The CIA achieved this through the means of specially created sounds, rituals, hypnosis and meditation, much like our ancestors.

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From Pyramids to Spell Candles: Ancestral Knowledge & Cosmic Connections

Practised for millennia, it’s not so hard to see why our ancestors’ held rituals and ceremonies in high regard. Looking up to the skies for answers, and achieving miraculous results with impeccable accuracy, it seems that many a collapsed civilisation held a key to the door that much of our new world is still struggling to even see. Take the Egyptian pyramids built 4500 years ago, with mesmerising mathematical perfection, or the Antikythera Mechanism, an ancient Greek device, over 2000 years old, a celestial clock of sorts, with brass gears, that displays an unfathomable level of mechanical sophistication.

And here we are debating the effectiveness of Spell Candles… In a world (and universe) where all known material is in a permanent cyclic state of movement, regardless of its considered condition; whether alive or dead, conscious or unconscious, apparently stationary or obviously mobile. It’s all built upon the same fundamental rules, the same arguments, the same attractions, the same energy.

Relax your mind for mere moments, and try to feel the web which you are evidently suspended in and connected to. Attempt to realise that your mind and its thoughts aren’t necessarily you, but rather that of an active brain and spinal cord, simply visible through a viewport. Suppose that the real you is an active, exciting, evolving and collective consciousness made up of several trillion (and more) interconnected segments (or eyes, if you prefer). Then consider that each segment (or eye) within that collective consciousness is peering into its own respective view port (or window) whilst collaborating with other segments (or eyes) to accumulate a central archive of information. The collective consciousness as a whole in any such scenario is boundlessly aware of every single experience (the happenings in every window) and is undergoing continual evolution, or learning, regardless of how apparently regressive, progressive, interesting or seemingly disinteresting each viewport (or window) may appear. So, aside from making your brain hurt and actively attempting to make you feel less self-important, what’s my point!? I guess the key point that I’m trying to make here is that windows are transparent and some form of view exists on either side of the glass.

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The Art Of Manifestation

We’re possibly getting unnecessarily deep here, so I’m going to bring you back. There are many places where you can further expand on your spiritual journey, but that shouldn’t be today, and it shouldn’t be here. Just know this; in a world where we are all very obviously interconnected in one form or another, the question is not are we able to manifest our deepest desires via ritual. It’s how do we manifest our deepest desires via ritual? Well, here’s a good way to start:

➼ Have in mind a clear and specific desired result
➼ Make a strong and loud request
➼ Utilise a communication Tool
➼ Double down on your efforts with an accompanying energy source

This is where the magic of Spell Candles comes in. Used throughout ancient history as a tool to connect with the unseen, spiritual aspects of our reality, a candle works as an energetic beacon, a literal and metaphorical light in the darkness, bridging the gap between our physical world and the more elusive, energetic realms. Combining the powerful elements of intention, visualisation, and the ancient arts of crystal and candle magic, Spellbinding Candles provide the opportunity to initiate a true ritual, to invoke an action of will, to make visible a silent prayer or request.

Appropriately coloured, each Spell Candle holds its own unique vibration, aligning with different desires, intentions, and aspects of our lives. Pink candles for love, blue for health, green for prosperity; every colour has a purpose, allowing us to fine-tune our intentions and align with the specific energies we wish to attract.

But Do Spell Candles Really Work?

In essence, the power of a Spell Candle does not lie in the candle itself, but in the individual who uses it. It is your faith, your belief in the possibility of change, your unwavering focus and intention that breathes life into the candle and gives it its magical properties. As such, the effectiveness of a Spell Candle is largely dependent on your own personal belief system, your intentionality and your willingness to open yourself up to the possibilities of the universe.

So, if you approach your Spell Candle with an open heart and a focussed mind, you might just find yourself astounded by the synchronicities, the coincidences and the changes that start to manifest in your life.

Whilst I cannot definitively prove the effectiveness of Spell Candles in a scientific sense, there is a vast amount of anecdotal evidence from individuals who have experienced profound shifts in their lives following the use of these spiritual tools.

In conclusion, whether or not Spell Candles work is, in many ways, up to you. What I can say for certain is that in a universe filled with mysteries and connections that we are only just beginning to understand, the power of intention and the potential of belief are forces to be reckoned with. And if a Spell Candle can serve as a tool to harness these forces and help to manifest your deepest desires, then it is indeed a tool worth considering in your spiritual journey.

Until next time, Stay Wicked!

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