What Do The Wicked Women Have To Say?

Meet The 'Punk Rocker With Flowers In Her Hair' Sandi Thom...

Sandi Thom is the remarkably gifted musician that plays the rhythm of our hearts and the music of our souls! Her incredible talent is undeniable. Sandi sings about real life and injects passion into her music like no other. Not only do we love Sandi's outstanding music, but also her strong, free-spirited character. She is a fierce woman, an inspiring mother and an extraordinary role model. Check her out and download her freshest tracks here.

Sandi Thom Trying Eye Mask From Naturally Wicked Deluxe Facial Kit

Sandi ThomNo. 1 UK Hit Artist

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Meet Fitness Legend Kamila...

Kamila is a world renowned personal trainer and fitness model with a huge following. No surprise really since she regularly updates her feed and flexes her outstanding body with moves that are inspiring, yet simple. What's more is she's always performing in a natural environment, providing real options for real people; that barely have time to eat, drink and pee, let alone perform a workout every day. Women throughout the world no longer need that must-have fitness DVD or that expensive gym pass... All they truly need is a few days in the hands of Kamila. Check her out here.

Kamila 24/7 Fitness Model Portrait Photo With Dark Hair & Brown Eyes

KamilaFitness Model

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Meet ITV's Benidorm Actress Laila...

Laila Zaidi ITV Benidorm TV Star

Laila Zaidi is an outstanding actress best known for her roles as Samika in 'Doctors' and as Cyd in 'Benidorm'. Also a star in popular theatre productions, Laila is the actress to watch! Coming to a screen near you soon... But for now, you can check out what Laila is up to here.

ITV Star Laila Zaidi Portrait Shot In Blue Top Against Brick Wall

Laila ZaidiITV Actress

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Meet Womens Clothing Expert Chelsea...

Naturally Wicked Woman Holding Naturally Wicked Box - Chelsea's Collections

Say hi to Chelsea; creator and owner of Chelsea's Collections. A one stop shop for all womenswear. She stocks an assortment of unique and stylish clothing at fantastic prices. Whether it's a classy summer dress, a fancy new top or a stylish pair of winter pants you need, you can rest assured she'll have it. Renew your wardrobe at www.chelseascollections.co.uk

Fashion Expert Chelsea Portrait Shot In Black Dress Against Sky

ChelseaFashion Expert

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