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Original 3 Step Facial Kit

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Naturally Wicked Facial Kit Box Alongside Facial Scrub, Facial Mask & Facial Serum With Green & Purple Mystery Smoke
Naturally Wicked Original 3 Step Facial Kit - Dark Night Facial Scrub, Hibiscus Facial Mask & Citrus Burst Facial Serum
Naturally Wicked Original Skincare Box - Pink Written Logo - Facial Kit
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  • Smooth, Polish & Extract With Liquorice Scented Dark Night Facial Scrub
  • Firm, Tighten & Remove Imperfections With Vanilla & Hibiscus 'Botox' Mask
  • Hydrate, Brighten & Protect With Citrus Facial Serum 
  • 🌿 100% Natural | 🐇 Cruelty Free |  Vegan | 🇬🇧 Made In The UK
  • 🕒 20 Minutes  |  1 - 2 x Weekly

Transform the skin you're in and reboot your youth with the Naturally Wicked 3 Step Facial Kit. This kit delivers after just one use, leaving skin soft, smooth, poreless and flawless.

If you've noticed your face looking a little tired, dull or unhealthy due to those late nights and unlimited cocktails, then don't just sit back and accept it, for nature has the answer. Get ready to embrace your natural beauty; say 'NO' to drab and 'HELL YEAH' to looking fab.

In just 3 simple steps you can refresh your firm, glowing, collagen bursting skin and turn your enemies green with envy! 

Naturally Wicked Dark Night Liquorice Facial Scrub In Waterfall Surrounded By Black Charcoal - Step 1

Step 1

Dark Night Liquorice Facial Scrub

Exfoliate, eliminate and deep clean filth from facial skin with Naturally Wicked Dark Night Facial Scrub. Stuffed with tiny grains of volcanic pumice stone and charcoal, this truly unique facial scrub not only dislodges deeply buried dirt and dead skin, but also draws out excess oils & pollutants, soaking them up like a sponge. Brimming with natural extracts from Avocados, Apricots, Oats & Fennel, this facial scrub also hydrates skin and replenishes freshly opened pores with a multitude of Vitamins. Used in Chinese medicine for centuries and with a proven history of removing dark circles, blemishes and age spots, this scrub steps into the dark side with the inclusion of Liquorice Root, which invigorates the nasal passages on application.

Naturally Wicked Hibiscus & Vanilla Facial Mask Next To Purple Grapes & Hibiscus Flower  - Step 2

Step 2

Hibiscus & Vanilla Facial Mask

This unique Dead Sea Facial Mud Mask is an age-reversing dream cream specially created to nourish, revive and hydrate dry, tired skin whilst assisting in new collagen production and restoring the skins natural elasticity. This magical facial mask is infused with the heaven sent Hibiscus flower, known worldwide as the Botox flower. Renowned as an absolute miracle skin care extract, Hibiscus smooths, firms and brings youth to skin. And the fun doesn't stop there... Exploding with the Vitamins, anti-oxidants and minerals of Apples, Gotu Kola and Grapes, you're just not going to find a natural mask more effective. Kiss goodbye to fine lines, wrinkles and crows feet as just 15 minutes of facial cover reveals super soft, youthful and colourful skin. What's more, the aroma of wild hibiscus flowers and an infusion of sweet, creamy Madagascan vanilla will have you in a fluffy dream world. 

Naturally Wicked Citrus Burst Moisturising Facial Serum Surrounded By Citrus Fruits - Step 3

Step 3

Citrus Burst Moistursising Facial Serum

This sensational Facial serum forms a deep protective barrier that'll fend off pollutants, oil, bacteria and general daily grime whilst hydrating skin and minimising pores. Crammed with Vitamin E, not only in the form of Vegan Marine Collagen and Argan Oil but also in it's pure form, Naturally Wicked Facial Serum fights free radicals, which would otherwise go on to harm healthy skin cells. This luxury citrus rich elixir is also overflowing with Vitamin C amongst other age defying ingredients such Arnica Oil, Passionfruit Seed Oil and Jojoba Oil for a lasting, bright & youthful glow. Ultimate refreshment goes without saying with a deep, natural citrus fragrance. 


Original 3 Step Facial Kit Contents

◦50ml Dark Night Facial Scrub

◦50ml Hibiscus Facial Mask

◦50ml Citrus Burst Facial Serum

◦Shimmering Pink Gift Box

Don't just mask your insecurities... Face them with the Naturally Wicked Original 3 Step Facial Kit!

Perhaps this kit would make an awesome gift for someone you know? We provide a fully personalised and extra large version of this kit to make those special occasions extra special. Check out the Naturally Wicked Deluxe Facial Kit

Dark Night Liquorice Facial Scrub

Natural Dark & Grainy Pumice Stone On White BackgroundPumice Stone
Black Absorbant Activated Charcoal On White BackgroundCharcoal
Green Fennel Plant On White BackgroundFennel
Brown Liquorice Root On White BackgroundLiqourice

Hibiscus & Vanilla Facial Mask

Natural Grey Dead Sea Mud On White BackgroundDead Sea Mud
Beautiful & Vibrant Red Hibiscus Flower On White BackgroundHibiscus
Shea Butter & Brown Shea Nuts On White BackgroundShea Butter
Red Apple Fruit With Green Leaf On Stalk - White BackgroundApple

Citrus Burst Facial Serum

Green & Rich Aloe Vera Plant On White BackgroundAloe Vera
Jojoba Seeds & Green Jojoba Leaves On White BackgroundJojoba Oil
Fresh Green Tea Leaves On White BackgroundGreen Tea
Fresh Green Seaweed On A White BackgroundVegan Marine Collagen

These products are suitable for vegans. 

For a full and detailed list of ingredients please check out our Ingredients Guide. 

What's Inside: 

Supplied in the Naturally Wicked® Original Magnetic Clasping Gift Box:

  • 50ml Dark Night Facial Scrub
  • 50ml Hibiscus Facial Mask
  • 50ml Citrus Burst Facial Serum

Directions For Use: 

Step by step guide included


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