Get To Know Us

Naturally Wicked have a strong sense of connection with the planet on which we live and with the people that live amongst it.

Modern man has been present on Earth for roughly 200,000 years and has undergone a number of changes in that time. From foragers of the open land, to farmers of boundaries, to inventors in the strive for comforts, to manufacturers conforming with industrialisation, to service providers dwelling in offices. We have strived to always be better, and in our strive it’s easy to forget the very thing on which we depend so heavily; Nature.

Moving further and further from nature has allowed us to progress with comforts, has enabled us to work ourselves towards rapid success, has ensured for the implementation of hospitals, of cities, of stable education, of an exponential technology curve and of what we now class as everyday essentials such as Clean Water, Electricity and Heating.

All of the above however, has come at a cost… a cost that is becoming ever clearer by the day. Our planet's land has been suffering, our planet's climate has been suffering, our planet's rivers have been suffering, our planet's seas have been suffering, our planet's animals have been suffering and thus our bodies and minds have suffered. Be it in the form of excess weight due to inactivity and a sub-natural diet… Poor skin due to pollution, and the conditioning of air... Depression from a lack of vitamins, minerals and the outdoors… Or how about a poor immunity due to inappropriate exposure to the environment and its fruits full of antioxidants.

We believe it’s time we got back in touch with nature. We don’t want to just be a part of this revolution... We’re striving to be at the absolute forefront! Natural Products are essential as is a natural lifestyle. Whilst we can’t do the lifestyle part for you, we’re damn sure we can provide the products.

Your body was designed with our environment in mind… not an office… not a factory… not a shopping precinct… nor a radiated and electro-magnetic home. It was destined to be met with foraged fruits daily, with salty sea air, with baking hot sun and freezing cold rain, with a fresh cooling wind and a tree filled landscape... No regime necessary, no gym class required, no detox from chemical sins!

The weather and the seas would exfoliate, the sun and the fruits of the earth rejuvenate, the land and the canopy of trees would protect. In filling our products with natures provisions we can ensure not only that your body is filled with all the things that make it tick, but also that there is a demand for more fruit, for more vegetables, for more trees, for more beeswax (and more bees!)

Just as one would expect from a civilisation that lives upon an ever revolving globe, in an ever gyrating solar system made up wholly of ever rotating electrons, it would appear that we behave in a cyclic manner. Be at the forefront as mankind embarks upon his and her next voyage back to nature... with technology! Wicked, right?!? Naturally Wicked!