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Raspberry Lip Treatment

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Raspberry Lip Treatment 50ml Lay In A Pile Of Ice & Bright Red Luscious Raspberries With Green Raspberry Leaves
Naturally Wicked 50ml Raspberry Lip Treatment In Purple Spotlights Surrounded By Luscious Red Raspberries & A Green Raspberry Leaf Under Green Wicked Spotlights
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  • For Thin, Ageing, Drab & Damaged Lips
  • Deeply Penetrates, Rejuvenates, Heals & Plumps Lips
  • Subtly Flavoured With Fresh Raspberry Seeds
  • Clear Medium Consistency Serum With Mild Tingling Effects
  • 🌿 100% Natural | 🐇 Cruelty Free |  Vegetarian | 🇬🇧 Made In The UK

Striving for youthful, plump, flawless and perfect lips? Naturally Wicked Lip Treatment guarantees a pout worth shouting about.

Oozing with collagen boosting fruits and plants, Naturally Wicked Lip Treatment plumps, heals and rejuvenates lips, leaving them irresistably beautiful. Extracts of Raspberry Seed & Carrot scream for lip plumping collagen, whilst Aloe Vera, well known for it's exceptional healing properties, repairs damaged lip skin. 

Drenched in the natural lip smoothing and glossing effects of Safflower, Crambe Seed and Honey, this deep penetrating treatment moisturises lips with a profusion of Vitamin F, known best for reducing fine lines and for bringing colour to the lips.

Additionally boasting naturally derived doses of Pure Vitamin A and Pure Vitamin C, Naturally Wicked Lip Treatment commands the production of collagen, removes imperfections and reverses ageing in the lips.

It's time to give your lips the treatment they deserve with Naturally Wicked Raspberry Lip Treatment.

Bright Yellow Safflowers With Green Stems & LeavesSafflower
Orange Carrots With Green Carrot TopCarrot
Juicy & Luscious Red Raspberries With Green Leaf On TopRaspberry
Abyssinica Plant With Bright White Flowers & Crambe Seeds AttachedCrambe Seed
Deep Green Aloe Vera Leaves on White BackgroundAloe Vera
Letter A Made Up Of Colourful Vitamin A Rich Fruits & VegetablesVitamin A
Fresh Green Peppermint LeavesPeppermint
Letter C Made Up Of Colourful Vitamin C Rich Fruits & VegetablesVitamin C

All Naturally Wicked Lip Treatment ingredients are suitable for vegetarians. 

For a full and detailed list of ingredients please check out the Raspberry Lip Treatment Ingredients Guide. 

What's Inside: 

Naturally Wicked® 50ml Raspberry Lip Treatment.

Directions For Use: 

Apply a small amount onto lips and massage in circular motions. A small tingle is to be expected as the product penetrates the lips.


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Customer Reviews

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Left my lips feeling super perfect - Will return.

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