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Rich Herb Nail Treatment

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Naturally Wicked Rich Herb Nail Treatment On Slate surrounded By Herbs
Naturally Wicked Rich Herb Nail Treatment - Fungus Fighters for Healthy Nails
Naturally Wicked Rich Herb Nail Treatment - Natural, Cruelty Free & Vegan
Naturally Wicked Rich Herb Nail Treatment - Ginger, Clove, Natural Ingredients!
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  • Perfect For Weak, Cracked, Brittle Nails & Damaged Cuticles
  • Rich Herb Nail Treatment Strengthens, Repairs & Protects Nails
  • Bursting With Natural Anti Fungal & Anti Bacterial Properties
  • Natural Deep Herb Scent; Rich In Ginger, Coriander & Eucalyptus
  • Thick Consistency Herb Prolific Cream With Warming Effects
  • 🌿 100% Natural | 🐇 Cruelty Free |  Vegan | 🇬🇧 Made In The UK

Naturally Wicked have 'NAILED IT' with this natural treatment! Are your claws in need of a cure? Nails gone from gloss to gross? Perhaps fungus? Bacteria? Or are your nails just generally tired and weak from all of that nail varnish remover that you keep pouring on?

Fear not, there is no nail problem too big for Naturally Wicked Rich Herb Nail Treatment. This herby infused treatment will eradicate bacteria and rebuild both your nail plate and the surrounding cuticle skin. Infections and imperfections are no match for this tough treatment! Bursting with moisturising and hydrating oils from olives, avocados, coconuts and macadamias, the water and oil balance of the nail itself is addressed within minutes of application. Did you know that the nail can hold upto 1/3 of it's own weight in water?!? If your nails look weak or unhappy, it's definitely time to put some natural oil back in there! 

Naturally Wicked Nail Treatment contains an absolute barrage of ancient and proven antifungal and antibacterial herbs. Packed with the likes of cinnamon, clove leaf, coriander and camphor essential oil, Rich Herb Nail Treatment will even have athletes foot begging for mercy!

Herbs have been used in ancient healing for centuries. Trees and plants bear essential natural antidotes for all of our bodily issues. Using only the purest natural ingredients, this impressive treatment penetrates deep down below the nail and repairs from within, ensuring nothing stands in it's way... Just like nature.

So get yourself ready as we help to turn your nasty nails... Naturally Wicked!

Green Eucalyptus Leaves On Branch On White BackgroundEucalyptus
Black Peppercorn Pile From Front On White BackgroundBlack Pepper
Deep Green Camphor Leaves On White BackgroundCamphor
Ginger Root On White BackgroundGinger
Coriander Seeds & Green Cilantro Leaf On White BackgroundCoriander
Green Cajeput Leaves & Branch On White BackgroundCajeput
Rich Cinnamon Sticks & Ground Up Brown Powder On White BackgroundCinnamon
Clove Leaves & Brown Cloves On White BackgroundClove Leaf

All Naturally Wicked Nail Treatment ingredients are suitable for vegans. 

For a full and detailed list of ingredients please check out the Rich Herb Nail Treatment Ingredients Guide. 

What's Inside: 

Naturally Wicked® 50ml Rich Herb Nail Treatment. Nail Treatment is dispatched in a black netted gift pouch.

Directions For Use: 

A pea sized blob is perfect for each hand and foot, applied daily. Gently massage into each nail and the surrounding cuticle. Allow 5 minutes absorption time before refitting socks. 


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