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Struggles Of A New Mum

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Hello there busy Mamma... Or perhaps you're a Mum to be (If you are, sit down as you may be in for a shock!)  

I take it you're reading this whilst hiding away in the bathroom enjoying a few moments of peace... Yeah I do it too. In fact, I'm currently writing this with my 4 year old daughter 'helping' to type whilst my youngest (he's 2) drives mini vehicles over my toes like speed bumps. This is normality in my house now... I've learnt to go with the flow. As time to myself to write in peace, is something that will never happen!

Once your adorable yet extremely time consuming little human arrives, you start to wonder "What the hell did I used to do with all my free time?" or better still "What the hell is free time?" As you'll know very well when we become Mothers, time to ourselves goes straight out of the window! 

Gone are the days of two hour baths that you'd just keep topping up with hot water once cooled and spending an eternity preening and pampering oneself. And yep, also gone are the days of wild nights out... My idea of a perfect date these days is a little late afternoon lunch, a cocktail or two (no more as I can't handle it anymore) and an early train home (whilst the partner falls asleep), followed by a cup of tea and bed before 10PM! 

Mammas, I'm sure you'll agree, there are so many new changes to adjust to, I really don't know how the heck we do it?!

Especially me, I am far from 'The Perfect Mum' (you know the type I mean), they have schedules, perfect hair and make up, ironed clothes???? And they always seem to be so prepared and calm.... Well, I'm the mother you'll probably see running to the playground in a fluster wearing mish mashed clothes and no shoes whilst my 2 year old climbs my leg like a monkey... Yep, that'll be me. I make lists, I do try. I also forget where I put my lists most of the time. I just don't know how they do it?!

As for the tasks around the house... Some of these I've mastered like hoovering, the rest I just push buttons and hope something happens. I was raised (a little spoilt) with no real experience of maintaining a home and family. My amazing mother (she's one of those prepared types) used to be on top of everything. Our home was always sparkling and smelling fresh as daises with nothing out of place (even with 3 kids), every meal was prepared and cooked from scratch and somehow she managed to keep on top of all the other pesky jobs like the washing/ ironing/ etc. So when I moved in with my partner, I'm embarrassed to say... he was more domesticated than me. He even ironed the bed.... Seriously...who does that?!!?!?

Anyway, I am just about getting there with my new motherly duties, I can now multi-task like a monkey in a circus! (and sometimes it feels like that).

Apart from the lack of time and a never ending list of tasks and responsibilities, there's the emotional and physical side of being a mother to adjust to. Where on Earth do these bloody emotions come from? Seriously... I never used to cry, not once, never. My heart was as cold as ice and my soul as black as night... Until I fell pregnant with my first child that is... crying is now a natural daily occurrence. I will literally cry when I'm happy, when I'm sad, when I laugh, when I've forgotten something on my shopping list. I'll cry when I've forgotten to take my shopping list to the shop, etc. I've even cried with pride when one of my sweet little monkeys did a poo on the potty??? My partner is adjusting to this...A constant supply of tissues and chocolate seems to do the trick!

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Then there's our new mamma bodies. This is a weird one, I found a real love hate relationship with my ever changing body throughout pregnancy and definitely after. Before having my children, my body was slender and my breasts and bottom insignificant, or at least I thought so. As my bump developed so did two incredible breasts and my ass inflated like a Kardashian in training! I loved it!!! Until my bump was so big I forgot what my feet looked like, my breasts were uncomfortably big and now stretched might I add. And as for the bum... well, lets say I needed two seats to get comfortable! 

After the birth of my daughter, my body started to shrink back to pre-pregnancy and things were looking up again... or so I thought. 

It was only after my body stopped retreating back into something that kind of resembled my old body, that I realised the true reality of what I was left with. My bum was 'soft' not pert like it used to be, with stretch marks and cellulite. I was horrified. It didn't stop there, no... It hit my thighs too and my stomach. My breasts were utterly deflated (after breastfeeding) with bright pink stretchmarks and I did struggle for a little while accepting my new look. 

After my second child, I was already prepared for the bodily changes and knew they'd only get worse, but those kids of mine are worth every damn mark!

Naturally Wicked - New Mum Love Photograph - Baby Bump

I found a few basic exercises such as squats and push ups etc, that did help to tone my mummy tummy up, plump and lift my bottom back up (to better than before) and firm my thighs. My breasts however, were still floppy and empty looking. 

I'm going to tell you about the effects of using Naturally Wicked's Mamma Kit (no, I'm not trying to sell it to you, I simply wish to explain my experience using it in the hope that I may be able to help another mother learn to love her body again!)

So firstly after years of complaining about my tiger stripes and loose breasts, I started trialling the Mamma Kit. This kit includes a Turkish Delight Breast Firming Cream, a Whipped Cream Nipple Treatment and a Grapefruit Stretch Mark & Scar Corrector

My initial thoughts upon using the 3-step kit were "this can't possibly work" however, I have been proved wrong (yet again)!

Using daily (sometimes twice a day if I'm lucky enough to find the time) I have genuinely noticed an improvement in my body's appearance. My breasts are a little plumper, my stretch marks are so faint that I'm proud to announce hand on heart... this summer is the first time in a lo-o-o-ng time that I have been brave enough to wear short shorts! Yes... a mother of 2 back in not just 'mummy shorts' but beautiful short shorts that I've had for over 10 years and never thought I'd wear again! 

What's fantastic about Naturally Wicked's products is that they're all completely natural, using earthly goodness to revitalise our bodies. Not only that, they're suitable for vegans, 100% cruelty free and all made right here in the UK, so you can trust that there's no nasties in there. Plus it's so damn quick & easy to use, that even I manage to fit it in to my busy unscheduled days!

This kit has given me new found confidence, the complements I receive from other mothers is so incredibly flattering and for the first time in years, I'm over the moon with my mummy body! 

There's a lot of guilt and judgement that comes with being a mother. Own it... Your body is 100% amazing as it is. Those stretch marks and deflated boobies are just a tiny reminder of the incredible job you've done for your beautiful little child/children. However, if like me (and it's ok to accept) you feel that you struggle with body confidence and accepting your new marks doesn't come easy, then try the Mamma Kit for yourself and believe me... you will feel (and look) incredible! 

Now go and treat yourself to a cup of tea and make time for a little pamper because mamma, you're doing a great job and you really do deserve it! 

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