Man Cringing With Awkward Face

Things That Make Us Cringe!

Embarrassed Ginger Cat

Hey beauties, welcome back. Today I'm asking you 'How strong is your stomach?' Are you one of those strong 'nothing bothers me' types? Or... Does the thought of anything remotely abnormal make your toes scrunch up and your eyes squeeze shut in the hope of never seeing that awful sight again? Well, I'm on the fence. I like to think of myself as indestructible, strong and brave, there's not much I can't handle.

But you just show me an old style school headband and I'll be cringing and wriggling like a worm on a hook! Yeah I know the phobia of headbands is extremely strange but hey we all have our quirks. Plus, you know the type I mean... thick, spongy, covered in velvet or another gross material, usually featuring your name across the top in 3D rainbow fabric glue. Imagine that headband being bent backwards... “OH MY DAYS... MY TEETH ARE SHIVERING!” 

Multi Coloured Headbands Featuring Names

Right lets move on quickly before I start sweating. So, what can you handle little brave pants?

How about feet? I know a lot of people that just can not stand the thought or look of anyone else's feet. Maybe it's the 'exposed toes' thing? The special cheesy smell? Or perhaps you've seen extra hairy ones? (ewwww). What about your own, can you handle getting your hooves out on those hot summer days or do you keep your poor little trotters cooped up in socks all year? I don't mind feet to be honest, I mean they're just like strange little hands that help us get from A to B?

Mother, Father And Baby Feet

Chalkboards... Not so bad on their own right? But, what if someone was to scratch their sharp pointy nails down the board creating a high pitched squeal? Can you handle that? For most people this makes those little hairs on the back of their necks stand up in fright. I'd love to be the person scratching the board, the noise doesn't affect me and I'd get a good old kick out of it... But I'm just a little bit wicked!

Blackboard With Chalk Question Mark

PDA... The good old 'Public Display Of Affection'. There are those hopeless romantics that just can not stop themselves from publicly expressing their love for their partner, cute right? Hell no! Who the heck wants to see extreme groping? Sloppy kisses that you can actually hear? Or worse... The social media PDA 'My man just washed the pots, he's the best man in the whole world'. No Julie, he's a grown ass man that shouldn't be getting praised for washing the dishes. Good grief. Then there's the kissing in bed pictures. Well done you've had sex, we don't want to see the bed head, mashed make up, sexually satisfied selfies... Keep them to yourselves. Or better yet, put your phone away and enjoy your intimate PRIVATE time with your partner!

Man kissing Woman's Neck

Whilst we're on the topic of social media, does anybody else cringe at the pointless hourly updates? (Picture of a half eaten chicken nugget and bean juice) captioned 'My little angel just ate all of her dinner'. What do you want me to do with this information? Why am I seeing this? I don't really wish to see my own child's messy plate, why are you showing me yours? Then there's the 'bragging posts' such as "Perfect night with my man watching the latest Gerard Butler movie with my favourite wine"... Clearly, you're not enjoying the movie or date night as you're too busy updating your social media page. You're not fooling nobody, you'll spend the entire night watching for notifications on your post... Top night that!

Stick Man With Banana Quote

That's enough from me this week, I'm all cringed out and need to treat my self to some delicious freezing cold ice cream that I can bite with my front teeth... Come on, that has to be affecting you right?

Man and Woman Eating Ice Cream

Enjoy your week beauties, have a little wicked fun figuring out what makes your partner cringe. This will forever be your secret weapon. And remember... Stay Wicked Folks!

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