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Citrus Burst Facial Serum

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Naturally Wicked Citrus Burst Facial Serum Surrounded By Lemons & Limes Outdoors
Birds Eye View Of Naturally Wicked Citrus Burst Facial Serum Surrounded By Lemon & Limes
Naturally Wicked Citrus Burst Facial Serum In Figure Of 6 Lemons & Limes
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  • Smooths, Brightens & Minimises Pores In Facial Skin
  • Rare Natural Ingredients Hydrate, Revitalise & Protect Skin
  • Exploding With Vitamin Rich Anti-Ageing Fruit Extracts
  • Naturally Scented With Freshly Picked Citrus Fruits
  • Clean, Clear & Cooling Gel-Like Serum With Lasting Effects
  • šŸŒæĀ 100% Natural | šŸ‡ Cruelty Free | ā“‹ Vegan | šŸ‡¬šŸ‡§ Made In The UK

Naturally Wicked Facial Serum conditions and protects skinĀ to such a high standard that your make-up kit will no longer be necesarry.Ā 

Facial skin is redefined upon serum application as a surge of nourishment and hydration floods the skins deepest layers, injecting life and colour into the face. Watermelon,Ā Aloe Vera, Avocado Oil, Passion Fruit and Apple all form just a small part of this magical concoction and each is profuse in game-changing vitamins.

Jojoba Oil, natures nearest match toĀ human skin oil injects beneficial beauty defining ingredients through pores with ease.

Naturally stimulating the production of fresh collagen and thus young, firm, wrinkle free skin, Naturally Wicked Facial Serum is drenched in ancient age defying remedies such as Green Tea, Rosehip Oil & Marine Collagen (derived from seaweed).Ā 

Vitamin's A & E, already naturally prevalent in the raw ingredients of this facial Serum areĀ also interspersed in their purest natural forms asĀ Ī±-Tocopherol and Vitamin A Palmitive. EssentialĀ for the recovery of damaged skin cells & for stimulating the production of new skin cells, Vitamin's A & E also serve to protect the facial skin.

With protection paramount, this serum also contains Arnica Oil, Argan Oil & Aloe Vera to activelyĀ incapacitateĀ harmful bacteria, reduce inflammation and heal irritated skin.

Refreshingly scented and rich in the Vitamin C of real Lemons and Limes, Naturally Wicked Citrus Burst Facial Serum is a force to be reckoned with.

Feed your skin the natural goodness it craves... Feed it the Citrus Burst.Ā 

Purple Passion Fruit Next To A Half chopped Fleshy Yellow Passion Fruit On White BackgroundPassion Fruit
Bright Red Rose Hips Attached To Green Stem On White BackgroundRose Hip
Bright Yellow Arnica Flowers & Green Stems On White BackgroundArnica
Green & Red Fleshy Hydrating Watermelon On White BackgroundWatermelon
Deep Green Aloe Vera Leaves on White BackgroundAloe Vera
Beautiful Yellow Lemons With Green Leaves On White BackgroundLemon
Green Tea Leaves On White BackgroundGreen Tea
Dark Green Seaweed On White BackgroundVegan Marine Collagen

All Naturally Wicked Facial Serum ingredients areĀ suitable for vegans.Ā 

For a full and detailed list of ingredients pleaseĀ check out theĀ Citrus Burst Facial Serum Ingredients Guide.Ā 

What's Inside:Ā 

Naturally WickedĀ® 100ml Citrus Burst Facial Serum.

Directions For Use:Ā 

Apply a light layer of facial serum to facial skin avoiding direct contact with the eyes. No rinsing required.


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