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'When The Flowers Blossom, The Bees Will Come'


Do you 'bee-lieve' in a better world for all? If you don't, then please allow yourself to become extinct. If you do, GREAT, so do we. Why not join our revolution and assist the World in 'bee'coming Naturally Wicked once again!

Unless you live under a rock, I guess you would have heard about the tragic declining population of our Bees. Naturally Wicked are getting a bee in our bonnet about this. That's why we are making a stand and asking you to join us on this epic venture to stop another beautiful species from going extinct.

Scientists estimate that 150-200 species of plant, insect, bird and mammal become extinct every 24 hours. We simply cannot sit back and watch this happen. Naturally Wicked believe it is our duty to protect our Earth and all living things upon it. Here's how we plan to help...

Our Promise...
For every single order placed with Naturally Wicked, we include a free sachet of Wild Flower Seeds. These flower seeds have been specially selected for their beautiful colours as they attract bees, providing plenty of pollen and nectar helping them to live to see another day!

We ask of you...
Our loyal followers, customers and friends, to simply scatter the seeds in your garden or a nearby muddy area regardless of the time of year. The seeds will remain dormant throughout winter and grow as spring and summer arrive. Let's get our bees back.

Beautiful Yellow & Black Bee Inside Purple & Yellow Flower With Green Background

At Naturally Wicked, we are deeply committed to setting a sustainable and ethical standard in today's world. Every time you sprinkle our seeds, you take a powerful step towards shaping a brighter future. Together, each small action can rewrite our planet's story.