Nail Treatment Ingredients

Three Cinnamon Sticks Alongside A Fresh Pile Of Ground Cinnamon PowderCinnamon Essential Oil
Loaded with Eugenol, this spicy scented oil has strong antibacterial & antifungal properties.
Branch With Multiple Dark Green Camphor LeavesCamphor Essential Oil
This natural antibacterial & antifungal remedy prevents & fights nail infections head on.
A Portion Of Whole Brown Shea Nuts Alongside A Split White Creamy Nut & Green LeavesShea Butter
Bursting with vitamins E, A & C, this rich, hydrating & natural moisturiser nourishes & heals nails & cuticles.
Straw Coloured Branch With Seeds & Bright Green Cajeput LeavesCajeput Essential Oil
Smooths and brightens nails, whilst it's strong antiseptic properties and refreshing scent make for an outstanding addition to the nail treatment.
Xanthan Gum As In Fine Brown Sugary Powder FormXanthan Gum
This natural sugar made from fermented corn stabilises the ingredients of this plant based formulation, preventing separation.
A Portion Of Fresh Green OlivesOlive Oil
This nail strengthening oil is naturally rich in essential vitamins, fatty acids and anti-inflammatory agents.
Two Whole Plums Alongside Half Fleshy Plum With Exposed Plum KernelPlum Kernel Oil
Jam packed with antioxidants, fatty acids & polyphenols, this moisturising oil naturally conditions dry & damaged nails.
Pure & Clear Aqua Water DropletAqua
Water makes for a pure & natural alternative to harmful, petrochemical skincare bases.
Block Of Emulsifying Vegetable Wax NF Surrounded By Green LeafEmulsifying Wax NF
A natural vegetable wax used to bind water and vitamin rich oils together for an appropriate texture and consistency.
Whole Coconut Alongside Half Fleshy CoconutCoconut Oil
This easily absorbed oil, packed with essential fatty acids, vitamins & antioxidants rejuvenates brittle nails & cuticles.
A Pile Of Fresh Macadamia NutsMacadamia Oil
Almost identical to the skins natural oil (sebum), Macadamia Oil penetrates nails deeply & promotes natural repair with a magnificent dose of Omega 6 and 7.
4 Alternate Vegetable Oils To Signify Vegetable Glycerin Extracted From Vegetable OilsVegetable Glycerin
This natural plant extract locks moisture into nails, providing a glossy, lasting shine.
Beautiful Bright Green Clove Leaf Surrounded By Brown ClovesClove Leaf Essential Oil
This antifungal & antiseptic oil strengthens & conditions nails whilst providing a strong, relaxing scent.
A Whole Green Avocado Alongside A Fleshy Half AvocadoAvocado Oil
Exploding with over 20 vitamins & minerals, Avocado Oil nourishes, moisturises & repairs nails.
Green Water Droplet To Signify Naturally Derived P&EPhenoxyethanol & Ethylhexylglycerin
Derived from grains and plants, these natural preservatives enhance the shelf life of this plant based formulation.
A Fresh Root Of Ginger Alongside Green LeavesGinger Essential Oil
Alongside it's addictive aroma, this powerful extract is a natural anti-inflammatory that ensures optimum nail health.
A Pile Of Brown Coriander Seeds Alongside Green Cilantro LeafCoriander Essential Oil
A natural antifungal remedy with a rich herb scent.
A Splash Of Vegetable Oils To Signify Stearic Acid Derived From VegetablesStearic Acid
Derived from plant oils, this natural acid binds water and vitamin rich fruit oils to ensure optimum consistency.
A Pile Of Whole Round Black Pepper SeedsBlack Pepper Essential Oil
Repairs cuticles and skin around the nails with warming anti-inflammatory effects.
Branch Full Of Bright Green Eucalyptus LeavesEucalyptus Essential Oil
A natural antifungal oil well renowned for it's nail smoothing & strengthening abilities.