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Naturally Wicked thrive on helping the planet and giving back to those in need. Our motto is 'The more we grow... The more we give back'.

Success to us is not about how much money a company makes, but the difference that a company makes to the World! For every single order placed with Naturally Wicked, we include a free packet of wild flower seeds to help the ever declining bee population. This is just one small way we can start giving back to our beautiful planet and endangered species. But what about people in need?

Well, Naturally Wicked have teamed up with the incredible 'Skip It Community' to give back to malnourished children in Pakistan.

For every Naturally Wicked Mamma Kit sold, we donate 60p to the charity.

This donation provides a malnourished child with a healthy nutritious meal. For some children, it'll be the only meal they get that day.

The Skip It Community is on a heart-warming mission to encourage people to skip a treat and feed a child instead. They aim to feed as many children as possible daily. Naturally Wicked are 100% behind them on this inspiring venture. Celebrities and influencers such as Gabby Logan have also been showing support for the Skip It Community.



Gabby Logan - In Support Of The Skip It Community

 Gabby Logan - 2018

Skipping a treat is such a wonderful idea. You pause before you over indulge on something unhealthy and instead decide to feed a child in need” 


About Skip It Community

SKIP IT COMMUNITY was set up by a group of volunteers working to raise money for UK registered charities, focussing on childrens projects around the world and starting in a slum area of Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

The concept is simple: ‘Pause before you indulge and skip a treat to help another’.

Skip a beer, glass of wine, cup of coffee, slice of cake or a treat to make yourself healthier and donate £3.00 to SKIP IT which will feed a child in return.

Rawalpindi Food Programme

  • £3.00 will feed a child one nutritious meal per day (£0.6 per meal on average) Monday-Friday.
  • At St Josephs School, Rawalpindi children (aged 3-12 years) are malnourished and your donation will feed a child one nutritious meal per day which will go a long way when combined with the small amount of food that their family can feed them.
  • The meals will be fed to the children at the school for their lunch. Sadly the children are struggling to learn due to malnourishment. Your kind donation will not only help the children become healthier it will also dramatically contribute to their education.
  • The meal will consist of fruit, eggs, bread and a glass of milk on most occasions or food of the equivalent nutritional value on other occasions. If we receive more money than required at the end of each month we will forward this to the following months project and expand to feed further children.
  • If we receive less money than we need in a particular month then we will work with our private funders and organisations on the ground to ensure that on this rare occasion we can fulfil our monthly objective.
You can be a part of this and make a real difference to children in need, by either ordering a Naturally Wicked Mamma Kit or donating directly via the Skip It Community website. Help us to help others.