Wicked Air Queen

Naturally Wicked Air Queen In Grey Clouds With Blue Sky & Surrounded By Text - Analytical, Creative, Sociable & Intelligent

Naturally Wicked Air Queen




◦Emerald Green


◦Large Social Circle



◦Extremely Creative

◦Quick Witted


◦Struggles To Take Credit For Good Acts

◦Difficulty Remaining Focussed

Mild mannered, good natured and always sociable, The Wicked Air Queen makes life look like a breeze. Always surrounded by like minded company, often caught in the midst of light hearted conversation and rarely the subject of negative press, this smooth sailing queen is a breath of fresh air.

Naturally Wicked Air Queen In Blue With Brown Hair Dancing Amongst White Clouds Of Air

Though highly intelligent, The Air Queen makes little time for aspirations and goals, focussing instead on enjoying the here and now. Fun and laughter are at the top of this queens priority list with her quick witted humour clear for all to hear.

Favoured with a natural creative flair, this dreamy queen is more innovative than she cares to acknowledge. Rarely daring to break out of the boundaries of comfort and into the realm of positive recognition, The Air Queen instead opts to spread her seeds far and wide, where her fruitful creations grow and her wisdom is unfortunately never realised.

The Air Queen, content to be considered by many as an airhead, despite her limitless potential, understands fully the potential implications of invited and unnecessary pressure. Unjust as it may seem, that this Queen's talents are seldom validated, consider for a moment that this carefree wind will go to any lengths to avoid becoming a hazardous hurricane.