Wicked Air Queen

Naturally Wicked Air Queen - Surrounded By Air & Text; Strong, Fierce & Adventurous

Beware the mighty gust and ferocious whirlwind of the Wicked Air Queen. This brown haired Siren is a sight of pure beauty. Her gorgeous green eyes reflect the ground below her, whilst her forceful persona contrasts perfectly with the soft and delicate clouds she creates.

She is intimidating, fierce, perceptive, and above all... Extremely curious. She is no 'airhead', simply a natural leader with powerful actions and ideas, she is the wind of change moving and guiding you.

This restless Queen is the soft caress of a gentle breeze and yet she can unleash the fury of a hurricane with unstoppable strength. Her anger and rage can be seen in the biggest tornadoes and her frustration can be felt in the strongest of winds. She is a gravity defying G-force.

This adventurous seductress of the sky prefers to work alone, always spreading her seeds of wisdom far and wide. Intelligent and meticulous, she weighs up all sides of every equation before delivering a fatal blow. The Wicked Air Queen may be intellectual and fair but is well renowned for blowing hot and cold... Watch out for her chilly draft.

Do not take a single breath for granted, it is a gift, it is life and it belongs to the Wicked Air Queen. 

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