Wicked Earth Queen

Naturally Wicked Earth Queen Kneeling In Water Alongside Plants & Surrounded By Text - Patient, Relaxed, Physical, Loyal

Naturally Wicked Earth Queen




◦Cocoa Brown


◦Quiet & Confident

◦Loyal & Trustworthy


◦Unrivalled Patience

◦Extreme Physical Strength


◦Struggles To Form An Opinion

◦Easily Succumbs To Self Doubt

With long dark locks and cocoa brown eyes, the Earth Queen represents the pure, rich and fertile soil from which life springs and miracles are born.

Naturally Wicked Earth Queen In Green Earthy Dress Kneeling In Water & Looking Up To Sky

This selfless, confident and grounded queen takes the world in her stride. Saying everything that needs saying and nothing that doesn't, there is no time wasted by this goddess who has everything under control.

Deeply devoted to her roots and unquestionably loyal, The Earth Queen seeks only the most solid and stable of lifelong relationships, with no room for meaningless pursuits. She seeks sense, connection, truth and meaningful adventure.

Whilst this physically capable warrior has no issues paving the path to her goals, she can on occasion lose sight of the target. Highly susceptible to altered or changing perceptions, The Earth Queen pays a high price for her deep thought and relentless consideration.

Spiritually aware and dangerously patient, The Earth Queen generally steps aside from confrontation. However, for the occasional fool that insists upon stepping on stable toes, the ground will shake... and most certainly crack!