Wicked Earth Queen

Naturally Wicked Earth Queen Surrounded By Water & Text; Powerful, Loyal & Grounded

Tread lightly around this earthy Goddess. Her long dark locks and chocolate rich eyes represent the deep dark soil from which life begins. The Wicked Earth Queen is the mother to all of nature, she is the salt of the Earth and the green of the grass.

She is unselfish and incredibly grounded, seeing beauty in all things. Her seeds grow the nature below your feet, the fresh food which you eat and the flourishing trees you shelter below. She is nature's loyal friend, protector and home. Despite her dependable and conservative ways, she is unfortunately fairly materialistic. Her feet may be firmly on the ground but her eyes are always firmly on the prize. 

This grounded Queen reminds us all to be slow, steady and to always start with a solid foundation. She is the roots from which we grow, keeping us anchored and supported. She feels a strong sense of duty, responsibility and reliability to all living things on Earth.

This Earth bound beauty may appear to be the tamest of them all but she is both practical and powerful and these two traits can easily result in a poisonous situation. When pushed, this Queen has the power to turn the sweetest apple sour with rot. Her eyes reveal the true darkness of her soul and if one dares to test it they may find themselves at the mercy of an enraged and dangerous animal. 

Do not take for granted the stability she provides for you, for at any given moment she can shake and crack the very ground you stand upon!

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