Wicked Fire Queen

Naturally Wicked Fire Queen On A Flamed Background

Just like fire itself, the Wicked Fire Queen makes for a passionate, dynamic and temperamental display. Prepare to have your heart set alight with one glance of her rare and stunning beauty, with hair as red as embers and eyes designed to melt your soul. Her comforting light and warmth can easily become hotter than Hell, so be careful not to fall for her warming charm. She is excitable, enthusiastic and larger than life, yet her desire for attention can sometimes be her downfall. She can often appear to be bossy, controlling and overbearing.

This passionate Queen has a heated temper and a fiery personality, she needs nurturing and managing with caution as a single spark could cause mass destruction. This wise Queen doesn't rely on a fuel supply to keep her energy burning, she can rise from the ashes ready to unleash Hell at any moment. This heated beauty is like a wild fire left unattended, she can burn out of control so it's best to tend to those embers and keep her slowly burning with just a light warming glow.

The Fire Queen sees great purpose in her role on this planet, her love for nature is unquestionable. She will burn whatever she sees necessary and turn it into prosperous ash for the greater growth of her World.

She is creative, fierce and daring. The Wicked Fire Queen shows her emotions through flames, from the subtlest glow to an unstoppable raging ball of fire. She has no weaknesses, nor barriers that she can not burn through.

This wild and ferocious woman can not be tamed, put out or diminished. She is passionate beyond imagination, courageous and lively, she is irresistible to all.

The warmth of her heart is undeniably strong, she is powerful, she is eternal... She is our Sun!

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