Wicked Ice Queen

Naturally Wicked Ice Queen Staring Coldly Forward Amongst Icy Background & Text - Fierce, Ambitious, Intuitive & Sophisticated

Naturally Wicked Ice Queen


◦Icy Blonde


◦Crystal Blue


◦Extremely Ambitious

◦Highly Independent


◦Relentless Determination

◦Impervious To Assault


◦Dangerously Ignorant

◦Self Indulgent

Fear the frosty nature of the ruthless Ice Queen. With hair white as snow and crystal blue eyes, this enchanting seductress will stop at nothing to get what she needs. The Ice Queen is lethal, powerful and wastes little time on interpersonal relationships.

Naturally Wicked Ice Queen Dressed In White With Icy Hair Jumping Up In Snow Storm

Her desires, targets and hopes, and many would add her heart also, are frozen solid with absolutely no allowance for adjustment. She aims, she strikes, she wins... Every time. This stubborn and determined tactician, capable of rapidly formulating a complex plot to overcome any problem lives a victorious existence.

An unmatched and relentless achiever, The Ice Queen consistently drives forward at any cost. Obstacles that dare stand in the way are crushed. And it is of course no coincidence that this queen is resented by many a victim of collateral damage.

A born realist, who allows only the thinnest layer of ice for her very few associates to stand upon, The Ice Queen may be considered by many as callous and insensitive. The simple truth is that this sophisticated queen, as cold as ice, adores her own company, sets her bar high and does all that is necessary to attain her goals.