Wicked Ice Queen

Naturally wicked Ice Queen Surrounded By Ice & Text; Ruthless, Ambitious & Intuitive

Fear the frosty nature of this deathly ice cold Queen, her pure beauty is undeniable but her attitude is sharp and deadly. With hair as white as snow and crystal blue eyes, she is the ultimate enchantress and yet her wicked nature makes her one of the most deadly and destructive queens. The Ice Queen has no empathy for others, she is selfish, ruthless, determined and stubborn. She may look pure and innocent but there is nothing but ice cold anger lurking below the surface. Take care around this frosty beauty as she'll always keep you on thin ice.

However frosty her attitude towards others may be, she does 'warm' slightly to  nature. She creates the most pure and serene landscapes, filled with soft white snow and clear ice flakes. She scatters her precious snowflakes far and wide as a sign of the cold season's arrival. This is her time to shine and work her wonders. The Wicked Ice Queen has a very important job here upon Earth, she uses her ice to help maintain a stable and balanced temperature. She helps to preserve special plants and seeds that the Earth requires to prosper each spring. If it wasn't for her careful and precise preservation, there would be no nature left on Earth... Ultimately there would be no Earth as we know it and life here would simply not exist.

As much as she loves to create and protect such beauty, she also loves to keep certain frozen 'treasures' for herself regardless of how this affects others. This narcissistic Queen lacks compassion as her heart is made of pure ice. She has the power to hurt you with her slippery ice floors, her icicles as sharp as knives and her ability to freeze every living thing on Earth. She is the life long enemy of the Wicked Fire Queen as their skills, powers and priorities conflict.

Though she may look as soft and pure as snow, she has a soul as cold as ice.

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