Wicked Storm Queen

Naturally Wicked Storm Queen In Purple Dress In Midst Of Stormy Background & Text - Competitive, Fearless, Carefree, Brazen & Playful

Naturally Wicked Storm Queen


◦Electric Purple / Blonde


◦Deep Blue


◦Practical Joker






◦Can Be Reckless

◦Prone To Volatile Outbursts

Intense, highly charged and completely electric, there is nobody more exciting and intense than the Storm Queen. Giving a whole new meaning to high maintenance, this explosion of chaos leaves her victims scared to death and hooked for more all at the same time.

Naturally Wicked Storm Queen Dressed In Purple Jumping In Front Of Electrical Storm & Lightning

Erratic and unpredictable, The Storm Queen is a born entertainer. She can act a part so well, she forgets she's acting. Sing a song so loud, the speakers blow. And she can dance with moves that'll undoubtedly steal any show.

Bold and ridiculously brave, this queen can all too easily find herself in difficult situations. Instantly assessed to be dangerously volatile by many, she fortunately (perhaps for them more than her) escapes unscathed a majority of the time.

Despite her changeable nature, The Storm Queen has a lot to offer. Naturally charismatic, charming and playful, this queen is sure to brighten up even the darkest of nights... For anybody that can handle the heat, that is.

An energetic and competitive soul, this queen seeks to be the best at all she does, and generally, whether through twisted or untwisted means, she gets her way.