Wicked Storm Queen

Naturally wicked Storm Queens Surrounded By Lightning & Text; Confident, Playful & Strong Willed

A playful and excitable pair, The Wicked Thunder & Lightning Twins can easily deceive others into a false sense of security. These twins can become furious and unleash a deathly show for all to see without any prior warning. They are intense, they are static, they are electric. Always be cautious around these two tricksters.

You've heard the roar of ferocious thunder and witnessed the incredible flashes of lightning, now meet their creators. The Wicked Thunder and Lightning Twins fill the skies with their exciting skills and cunningly playful personalities.

Lightning can turn a positive situation into a negative explosion of energy at any given moment with a heated outburst! Whilst wildness spills uncontrollably from this queen, her high voltage personality is essential for maintaining the electrical balance on Earth! To be without her is to be without an atmosphere.

Thunder on the other hand, is the slightly calmer Queen displaying a more composed attitude. But be warned, if her sister bites, she'll be right behind and she'll finish the job. Her dark skills may not be seen with the eyes, but you can rest assured they'll be felt, heard and never forgotten. 

These inseparable twins are completely unpredictable and have the power to strike you at any given moment, do not underestimate their twisted and playful souls.

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