Wicked Water Queen

Naturally Wicked Water Queen Surrounded By Water & Text - Emotional, Mysterious & Deep

Naturally Wicked Water Queen


◦Midnight Black


◦Deep Ocean Blue


◦An Aura Of Intriguing Mystery

◦Deeply Compassionate & Understanding


◦A Free-Flowing Spirit

◦Soul Cleansing To All She Meets


◦Tendency To Drown In Deep Emotion

◦Susceptible To Self Insecurity

Just as the perfect, reflective, free flowing ripples of a river caress the banks in which they reside, the Wicked Water Queen leaves her soul cleansing mark on all that she comes into contact with.

Naturally Wicked Water Queen Caressing Sphere Of Clean Water Amongst Blue Waves

However, like most things beautiful, trouble lurks below the surface. Recognised by many for her soul as pure as a moonlit night sky, it's hard to believe that this emotional powerhouse can be just as terrifying as the shadows that creep beneath that very same moonlight.

Sensitive to the most subtle of environmental changes, The Wicked Water Queen has a natural tendency to deeply experience and amplify the emotional state of all beings within her surroundings. From heightened joy to unbearably low sadness, The Water Queen soaks up the spirit of all in her company. Whilst this powerful Queen is no stranger to overcoming extreme obstacles, the burden of any surrounding hopeless and insolvable misery can quickly compound into a heavy and torturous weight that forces a sometimes monstrous release.

Pure, powerful and refreshing, this misunderstood beauty breathes meaning into an otherwise dry and dull existence. Above all else, she offers a simple choice; accept vitality or drown in her depths.