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Wicked Water Queen

Naturally Wicked Water Queen Surrounded By Water & Text - Emotional, Mysterious & Deep

Just like rivers flowing freely caressing the banks and rippling waves reflecting the World, the Wicked Water Queen is a true natural beauty. Her hair is the colour of the dark night sky and her eyes reflect the deep blue oceans. This beauty is the perfect balance of alluring and haunting. However, like most things beautiful, trouble lurks below the surface. She is a mystery, a gift and a curse. This Queen is as beautiful as a moonlit night and as terrifying as the shadows that encompass her.
This Wicked Water Queen has a deep dark soul haunted by loneliness and insecurities. She is misunderstood by many and self-tortured by her heavy emotions. Conflicted between her passion for finding peace in the still of the night and of carrying the burden of an empty wounded heart... Loneliness is the curse that she must bear.
The Wicked Water Queen controls the oceans, the seas, rivers, streams and even the rain. She is the calming and enchanting beauty of a still lake on a summers day and also the dangerous wrath of a monstrous wave on the darkest of nights. This Queen is quiet and observant, her instincts are sharp and intuitive however, she is easily distracted by her deep thoughts and vivid imagination. She is a dreamer through and through.
Her mysterious soul delicately aids in the sustainability of life itself. Her droplets of rain help the Earth's plants to grow and provide all living things with the water we so desperately require to survive. If her intense emotions grow beyond her control, she releases the heaviest of downpours, these raindrops are her tears and pain releasing the pressure of her beautifully wicked heart. Her incredible water works are her proud creations... her works of art.
This misunderstood silent beauty gives life to the planet and she has the power to take it away at any given moment. Just like water, she can be a refreshing cure or she can make you drown in her depths!