Coconut Lip Balm

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🟢 Wickedly Vegan Lip Balm Revives, Indulges & Spellbinds Lips
🟢 A Dark Elixir For Desolate, Thirsty & Exiled Lips
🟢 Conjures Rich Moisture, Heavenly Softness & Enchanted Protection
🟢 Brewed With Organic Ingredients & The Sinister Whisper of Coconut
🟢 Choose From 8 Temptingly Luscious Fruity Flavours
🟢 🌿 Natural | 🐇 Cruelty Free |  Vegan | 🇬🇧 Made In The UK

    From Depths Unknown: A Tropical Incantation

    Life's brutal ballet sees lips tormented by the harshest of elements, ensnared by the toxins of urban realms and teased by fleeting, forbidden moments of indulgence. In these testing times, one craves an elixir potent enough to rebel against the mundane.

    Naturally Wicked Lip Balm In Hands Of Beautiful Dark Haired Lady With Finger On Freshly Moisturised Lips

    Enter the lair of Naturally Wicked, where Coconut Lip Balm is birthed in shadows. With every ingredient handpicked at midnight, this dark concoction is a fusion of bewitched plants, ethereal oils, and moon-blessed waxes that restores lips to their primeval glory.

    Embrace The Forbidden Island Whispers

    Lips are caressed by the intimate whispers of tropical coconuts, a scent that transports the soul to a twilight beach, where the ocean murmurs dark tales of the deep. This is not merely a lip balm; it's a siren song to a mystical paradise.

    Guarded By The Might of The Tropics

    The Coconut Lip Balm is not just a guardian, but a fierce protector with a heart of gold. Draped in the richness of Coconut Oil, empowered by the ancient secrets of Olive Oil and blessed by the tender touch of Sweet Almond Oil, it wraps your lips in an enchanted embrace. Fused with nature's age-old Vitamin E, this protective charm spins a web so enchanting, daylight dims in awe, unveiling lips that can enchant even the most unyielding spirits.

    Revive & Enchant With The Magic Of The Coconut

    Steeped in dark arts and whispered enchantments, Naturally Wicked's Coconut Lip Balm is the potion lips have long yearned for. Immerse yourself in a spell so profound that lips once lost to the ravages of time and neglect emerge renewed, ready to partake in life's darkest delights.

    Whole Green Avocado Turning Purple Alongisde Half Avocado With Kernel & Yellow Flesh ShowingAvocado
    Whole Brown Coconut Alongside Half Fleshy White Coconut InsideCoconut
    Portion Of Brown Shea Nuts With Inner White Cream Exposed On One Cracked NutShea Nut
    Dark Brown Cocoa Beans Exploding from Within Two Cocoa PodsCocoa
    Candelilla Wax Block Amongst Plant LeafCandelilla Wax
    Bright Yellow Sunflower With Dark Brown Seeded Inner & Green LeavesSunflower
    Brown Jojoba Nuts With Green Stems & Leaves AttachedJojoba
    Two Whole Fresh Juicy Peaches Alongside A Half Fleshy Peach With Kernel ExposedPeach

    All Naturally Wicked Coconut Lip Balm ingredients are suitable for vegans.

    For a full and detailed list of ingredients please check out the Fruity Lip Balm Ingredients Guide.

    What's inside: 

    15ml Naturally Wicked® Coconut Lip Balm. Each Lip Balm is dispatched in a black netted gift pouch.

    Directions For Use: 

    For best results smooth over lips generously, to soothe and protect.


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