Fortune Soap For The Heart Breaker

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✅ Foresee Your Destiny With Naturally Wicked Fortune Soap
✅ Handcrafted Specially For Realistic, Ruthless & Ambitious Natural Born Leaders
✅ Entombed With A Mystery Inscribed, Icy Quartz Crystal
✅ Features Your Personal Fortune Reading; As Interpreted By Our Resident Sorceress Using Ancient Runic Symbols
✅ Unleash The Spine Tingling, Minty Chills Of This Refreshing & Magical Mint Leaf Mixture
✅ 🌿 Plant Based | 🐇 Cruelty Free |  Vegan | 🇬🇧 Made In UK

    Cold As Ice; And Oh So Willing To Sacrifice

    Naturally Wicked Fortune Soap is a soap like no other.

    Handcrafted by our resident sorceress, this plant-based soap encapsulates the chill of a million mint leaves; the perfect fragrance for a frosty heart.

    Entombed within the centre of this perfectly forged Pentagram of Ice Blue soap is a crystal that's far from ordinary. Well known as the ultimate spiritual cleanser, this enchanting Quartz Crystal exposes your upcoming destiny within its boldly carved Runic inscription.

    Naturally Wicked Elder Futhark Rune Chart Detailing Symbols & Translated Alphabet Name

    Lift the lid on your soap... and then your life

    Used for almost 2000 years, Ancient Runic Inscriptions have provided Oracles and Prophets with an open gateway to the future. Unfortunately for others that have walked this path before you, they didn't get their fortune handed to them in a pretty awesome plant-based soap. How's that for evolution? You lucky thing!

    And who better to translate your runic crystal meaning than our very own sorceress? An expert in witching, our untameable she-devil gives us the knowledge we need to print the inner lid of your personal luxury soap tin with an accurate, specific and high quality runic reading... Just don't expect it all to be good news!


    Fortune Soap Instructions

    ◦STEP 1 - Open Your Luxury Soap Case & Unleash The Intense Minty Infusion

    ◦STEP 2 - Admire Your Ancient Runic Crystal & Check The Inner Lid For A Specially Translated Reading Of What Lies Ahead

    ◦STEP 3 - Twist & Remove The Quartz Runic Crystal & Keep In Your Possession To Accept A Helping Hand With Your Bubble Filled Fate

    Can You Handle The Chill?

    The frosty fragrance of this mega mint mixture promises to leave the bathroom just as bitterly cold as its recipients heart. This chilling mixture of Wild Mint, Spearmint & Peppermint, amongst a trove of other plant extracts, emits a Glacial Minty Chill so strong that you may find Polar Bears at your doorstep. Plant based, with no sacrifices made to the super rich flavour, this luxurious deep moisturising soap is suitable for all skin types; providing an awakening and refreshing clean with a generous, beneficial lather.

    Whilst Naturally Wicked Fortune Soap can't promise to wash away your deepest sins, at least you count on the bubbles to wash away any incoming troubles.

    White Sugar Grain & Green Sugar Leaf On White BackgroundSugar
    Chunky Green Aloe Vera Leaves On Transparent BackgroundAloe Vera
    Bright Orange Pumpkin On Transparent BackgroundPumpkin
    A Bunch Of Bright Green Spearmint Leaves On Transparent BackgroundSpearmint
    A Sprig Of Dark Green Peppermint Leaves On Transparent BackgroundPeppermint
    Brown Shea Nuts On Transparent BackgroundShea Butter

    All Naturally Wicked Fortune Soap ingredients are suitable for vegans. 

    For a full and detailed list of ingredients please check out our Fortune Soap For The Heart Breaker Ingredients Guide. 

    What's Inside:

    Supplied in Naturally Wicked® Luxury Padded Black Gift Tin:
    ➼ Naturally Wicked® Fortune Soap For The Heart Breaker
    ➼ Runic Inscribed Clear Quartz Crystal
    ➼ Runic Fortune Translation & Runic Chart

    Technical Details:

    ➼ Gift Tin Dimensions: 8.5cm x 4cm
    ➼ Crystal Dimensions: 1.5cm x 1.5cm
    ➼ Soap Block Dimensions: 8cm x 3.5cm
    ➼ Soap Volume: 100ml

    Directions For Use: 

    Guidance & Warnings on underside of soap gift tin. Remove crystal before use.


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