Hypnotwist Remember Candle

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Vegan Symbol In Purple & Green With 100% Natural & Vegan Soy Wax Written Around
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🟢 Hypnotise Your Way Back To Your Greatest Memories With The Hypnotwist Remember Crystal Candle
🟢 Featuring The World's One & Only Authentic Crystal Spinning Top... The Perfect Hypnosis Tool (Carved From Tiger's Eye Crystal To Bring Out The Memories In You)
🟢 Includes Maple Wooden Wick, Luxury Sealed Lid, Faux Circus Ticket With Hypnosis Directions, Tiger's Eye Hypnotwister & Exciting Gift Box
🟢 Scented With Fudge Flashbacks; Rich, Warming & Immensely Sweet
🟢 🌿 Plant Based | 🐇 Cruelty Free |  Vegan | 🇬🇧 Made In The UK

    Memories Are Tucked Away, But Not Forgotten

    Naturally Wicked Hypnotwist Remember Candle Beside Hypnotic Crystal Spinning Top & Nostalgic Photograph

    Relive the magical moments of days gone by with the Hypnotwist Remember Candle. Handcrafted by the deviant Naturally Wicked Sorceress and forged from sacred soy wax, this enchanting crystal candle offers a chance to visit the vast self-authored library of the mind.

    Fudge Flashbacks Sweep Through The Air With A Rich, Sweet & Mouth Watering Aroma

    Naturally Wicked Hypnotwist Remember Crystal Hypnotic Spinning Top Carved From Tiger's Eye Crystal

    Sure to entice a flood of vivid memories in more ways than one, this hypnotic spell candle invokes feelings of nostalgia & warmth right from the opening of the twisted gift box. Drenching its vicinity with the deep & rich aroma of Fudge Flashbacks, this truly unique scented candle is certain to reignite the dormant flames that reside within.

    Awaken Long Lost Memories In 5 Hypnotic Steps

    STEP 1

    Hand With Match Igniting Hypnotwist Candle Beside Hypnotic Spinning Top & Flowers

    Twist & Pull The Tiger's Eye Crystal Hypnotwister From The Blessed Candle Wax

    STEP 2

    Hand Igniting Wood Wick Of Hypnotwist Candle Beside Hypnotic Spinning Top

    Ignite The Hypnotwist Remember Candle

    STEP 3

    Witch Holding Circus Ticket & Reciting Hypnoptic Naturally Wicked Hypnotwist Spell

    Read Out Loud The Hypnotic Spell Stamped Upon The Enclosed Hypnotwist Circus Ticket

    STEP 4

    Hand Spinning Hypnotic Crystal Spinning Top Beside Ignited Hypnotwist Candle

    Spin The Crystal Hypnotwister On A Solid, Scratch Resistant Surface

    STEP 5

    Witch Hypnotised Watching Hypnotwist Candle & Spinning Crystal Spin Top

    Follow The Hypnotwister Closely With Your Eyes & Embrace The Hypnotic Transition

    Drawing Your Gaze From The Moment You Twist, The Tiger's Eye Crystal Hypnotwister Tempts The Mind Into An Enchanting Trance Of Peace & Reminiscence

    Entombed with a hypnotic Tiger's Eye crystal spinning top & crackling wood wick, this lively brown spell candle is your fast-track ticket to an intense hypnotic experience. A simple spark, a tiny twist & a ritualistic remark get this show on the road. The Hypnotwist Remember Candle & Crystal promise to calm the mind, refine emotional balance & stimulate memory.

    Your Moments Become Memories, Your Memories Become Treasure

    A portal to the unchangeable past, The Hypnotwist Remember Candle invites its user on a vivid journey through the magical events that have shaped them. Whether missing the highs, coming to terms with the lows, or simply peering into the pages of your unique book of life, The Hypnotwist Remember Candle is certain to reveal the treasure buried in you or any other recipient of your meaningful gift.

    What's Inside:

    Supplied In Luxury Hypnotic Gift Box:
    ➼ Naturally Wicked® Hypnotwist Remember Candle
    ➼ Naturally Wicked® Hypnotwist Crystal Spinning Top (Carved From Tiger's Eye Crystal To Assist With Vivid Memories)
    ➼ Black Glass Container & Sealed Luxury Candle Lid
    ➼ Naturally Wicked® Faux Circus Ticket With Hypnotic Spell Directions

    Technical Details:

    ➼ Candle Dimensions: 9.5cm x 8cm
    ➼ Candle Wax Volume: 250ml
    ➼ Burn Time: 40 Hours
    Naturally Wicked Hypnotwist Candle Technical Drawing With Jar, Crystal & Hypnotwist Spinning Top Sizing

    Directions For Use:

    Instruction card supplied. Warnings on underside of candle. General best practice guidelines for candles are as follows:
    ➼ Ensure candle is on a heatproof surface with no overhead obstructions
    ➼ For continued optimum scent, flame and wax pool, burn in 4 hour periods
    ➼ Maintain a consistent flame by trimming wick height to 10mm before each use
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