Spellbinding Vengeance Candle

Crystal Spell Candle
Scented With Satan's Spice

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Vegan Symbol In Purple & Green With 100% Natural & Vegan Soy Wax Written Around
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🟢 Cast Your Own Vengeance Spell With The Sacred Spellbinding® Vengeance Candle
🟢 Spell Candle & Vengeance Crystal Fused In Spellbinding Bond By UK Sorceress
🟢 Features Natural Sizzling & Crackling Wood Wick
🟢 Scented With Satan's Spice; Spicy, Infernal, Aromatic & Tempting
🟢 Vengeance Spell Candle Inc. Carnelian Vengeance Crystal, Vengeance Spell Card, Sealed Luxury Lid & Classy Gift Box
🟢 🌿 Natural Wax | 🐇 Cruelty Free |  Vegan | 🇬🇧 Made In The UK

    Set Hell Free With The Spellbinding Vengeance Candle As The Aroma Of Satan's Spice Satisfies The Senses

    Naturally Wicked Spellbinding Vengeance Spell Candle Entombed With Carnelian Crystal Sits Amongst Revenge List & Red Apple

    The Spellbinding Vengeance Candle is no ordinary candle. Handcrafted by the Naturally Wicked Sorceress and forged from cursed natural plant wax, this avenging spell candle is a poisoned dart. Captivating all in its proximity with sweet, pungent & heated fragrant notes of Satan's Spice, this blood red revenge spell candle is a concoction fit for The Devil himself.

    Cast The Vengeance Spell In 3 Simple Steps

    STEP 1

    Crystal Being Removed From Spellbinding Crystal Spell Candle By Hand Of User

    Twist & pull the Carnelian Crystal from the spellbound surface to energize the waxy depths

    STEP 2

    Witch Holding Crystal Close To Heart & Visualising Spell Candle Outcome

    Hold the jewel close to your heart whilst visualising your deepest dreams and desires

    STEP 3

    Witch Reading Spell Card & Igniting Naturally Wicked Spellbinding Candle

    Read the spell card out loud and ignite the maple wick

    Protect your stone at all costs, for the spell shall cease when connection is lost

    Unleash The Sinister Magic Of The Mesmerising Carnelian Crystal

    Entombed within the mystical blood-red wax is a captivating Carnelian Crystal. Once the crystal is withdrawn from the sacred spellbound wax, one must only utter significant words and ignite the spitting & crackling wick to initiate the spell.

    This mesmerising Spellbinding Candle and crystal hold the promise of closing any undesired life chapter with increased courage, progressive calculation skills and a fresh thirst for challenge.

    With an elegant yet powerful vengeance orientated gem to treasure long after the spell candle has been exhausted, you can rest assured that the effects of this breathtaking spell will be felt forever more.

    Vengeance Is Sweet. Vengeance Taken When The Vengee Isn't Sure Who The Venger Is, Is Sweeter Still

    Whether you're looking to close an undesirable life chapter, or assist a friend in closing theirs, leave no room for regrets with the Spellbinding Vengeance Candle. Raising hell from the outset, this raw and untamed spell is sure to leave little to look back upon.

    What's Inside:

    Supplied In& Black Gift Box:
    ➼ Naturally Wicked® Spellbinding Vengeance Candle
    ➼ Black Glass Container & Chrome Candle Lid
    ➼ Naturally Wicked® Spell Card
    ➼ Carnelian Crystal

    Technical Details:

    ➼ Candle Dimensions: 9.5cm x 8cm
    ➼ Candle Wax Volume: 250ml
    ➼ Burn Time: 40 Hours
    Naturally Wicked Spellbinding Crystal Candle Technical Drawing With Jar, Lid & Crystal Sizing

    Directions For Use:

    Instruction card supplied. Warnings on underside of spell candle. General best practice guidelines for candles are as follows:
    ➼ Ensure candle is on a heatproof surface with no overhead obstructions
    ➼ For continued optimum scent, flame and wax pool, burn in 4 hour periods
    ➼ Maintain a consistent flame by trimming wick height to 10mm before each use
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Diana J.
    Patiently awaiting spell results

    I enjoy the beautiful permeating aroma of this candle. The candle and the packaging looks surprisingly elegant especially for the price. I plan to repurchase due to the fact I believe the spell didn't work.

    Hayley Ward
    Wickedly Divine

    As always this is another triumph from Naturally Wicked! The smell is divine, and no matter how long you burn it for, the aroma does not fade. I can not recommend enough.

    Denese Townsend-Francis
    Didn't burn good.

    The wick kept going out, and half of the wax left in the glass when it's finish burning. I will try another one to see if it will burn differently.

    Debbie Sunderland
    Powerful scent

    I love it! It smells just as I imagined - like vengeance! The candle is beautiful, and I love that it’s vegan. You can tell how much devotion has gone into creating these gorgeous candles and I will be buying more as gifts and perhaps one or two for myself ♥️

    Joseph Okarma
    Candles unite

    Bought three candles none of them worked all had wooden wicks burnt to my wax and then went out would not re lite waste of money threw them in the bin won’t buy them again.

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