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A Little Hocus Pocus!

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“With a pinch of Heaven and a splash of Hell, you have yourself a magic spell.” Or something like that.

Hey guys welcome back you wicked beauts, how are we all?... Wicked I hope!

As I think you have guessed this week we're dusting off our brooms, fixing our hats and basically getting our witch on. Sounds good right? Damn right who doesn't love a little magic? Exactly, so let's pay a little tribute to the fabulous witches past, present and still to come!

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So, the idea of a 'witch' has changed significantly throughout the years.

Early witches were thought of as 'Pagans doing the Devil's work', these women were viewed with fear as people believed the witches would use dark magic to call upon spirits and change the world as they knew it. Back in the not so 'good old days' when everything was gospel and nothing was questioned, the dark reality of being named a 'witch' was a death sentence. For most women accused, there would be no trial just a slow painful execution. These poor, innocent girls/ women would be disowned by their nearest and dearests, before meeting a fatal end. During the horrendous, malicious 'witch-hunting' days, an estimated 35,000 – 100,000 executions took place. The majority of these innocents were from lower economic classes and described as “typically the wife or widow of an agricultural labourer or farmer, she would be well known for her quarrelsome and aggressive nature.”

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However, not all witches were female. In certain parts of Europe witch-hunts would mainly target males. 92% of witches accused in Iceland were men. Germany had the highest percentage of witch executions during the witch hunt days, not surprisingly as the two well-respected authors of 'Malleus Meleficarum' A.K.A 'Hammer of Witches' were German. This book was essentially a guide on how to identify, hunt and interrogate witches. This was a best seller and sold more copies than any other book in Europe except the bible. This book is believed to be the cause of such a viral explosion of world-wide witch hunts.

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Famously, witches are known as eerie, wart infested cackling crazy potion stirring, devil conjuring women. They are portrayed as untrustworthy and evil. They are the villain of the story and their side remains untold. The execution of any famous 'witch' character is seen as a happy ending, but is it? Who asked the witch for her tale of events? Nobody. Just like in real life, fingers are pointed and no questions are asked.

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Self proclaimed witches of today are ultimately strong, powerful women taking control of their lives with the help of a little white magic. These spells are mainly created to do good, such as assist in the recovery of an illness using herbal remedies as well as working with the natural energies of nature on Earth and the moon. The truth is, modern day Wiccans avoid evil and “harm none” in their strive for a peaceful, balanced life.

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The unfortunate truth is that still today, there are innocent people around the World being unlawfully accused and unfairly executed. Since 2010 there have been numerous persecutions and deaths in Papua New Guinea, including a young mother that was burned alive. The fight against witch hunts continues. Every life deserves to be lived to the fullest. I wish there were an actual magic spell to end unnecessary suffering for all involved in 'witchcraft'.

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I hope 'witches' of the future can shine in the light that they deserve. Our World is in need of a little magic!

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