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Exercise For Sloths

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Hey all, here we are again that cold frosty time of year that makes us eat our body weight in stodgy comfort food each day to keep warm, (or so we tell ourselves). I mean bears stock up on extra body fat this time of year right? Why shouldn't we?

Do you like a lot of sleep? Yeah me too.

Do you like eating all those fatty delicious foods? Yeah, like who doesn't?!

Do you feel like jumping up and working out until sweat pours from your entire body and you can't breathe? Nah, me neither!

Let's be honest, we're not bears. We don't live in cold stone caves and we do actually have to consider that dreaded annual squeeze into our summer clothes as the weather warms up. But, it's just so damn hard to resist all the festive naughty treats. That mouth-watering aroma of roasted potatoes is in the air and the very kind and considerate confectionery companies wrap our favourite sweet treats up so pretty and special that we simply can't resist them. How nice of them. Like I'm positive the new Christmas addition box of Maltesers is so much tastier than the regular box of Maltesers, I have to try them to find out right? Of course I do!

Biscuits and Snacks Looking Tempting

So here we are sinking deeper into the human shaped crater on the sofa, tangled in blankets whilst we scoff our way through the large snack packs of crisps and gift wrapped choccies. Not forgetting to wash it all down with a large deluxe hot chocolate covered with a whipped cream mountain and mini marshmallow climbers. Oh I do love winter.

Delicious festive hot chocolate

Winter comes, then winter goes. Each year as the days get lighter and the air turns warmer, I look at my sloth-like body slumped in my hibernation spot and think... “Oh crap... I've done it again”.

Cute puppy wrapped in blankets

Year on year I promise myself that “this year will be different, I will not give in to the stodge and snacks.” Well, here it is... The year I finally move my butt and try a little exercise through the winter months. I'll just start off slowly with light movements that'll help me maintain my summer bod, who's with me?

And where do we start?

Well fellow sloths, we're in luck. Super hero and fabulous world renowned fitness model Kamila, is here to save the day with some simple, easy and quick routines that'll have us holding back that winter fat. We are honoured that Kamila has so kindly shared her tips and tricks with us. With Kamila's help, we'll all make it to summer looking hot to trot!

Kamila Fitness Model Smiling In Sunshine

Let's find out a little more about what our new fitness icon has to say...

“My first words would be MOVE, MOVE, MOVE....whatever you like: running, dancing, yoga, pilates, walking, weight lifting, swimming, cycling, football... as long as you move your body. Most people are sitting the whole day in front of a computer, we don't even take the time to walk as we take the car, tube, bus....so it is really important to have a physical activity whatever it is...

In my case, I like to change my workout habits because when you do the same workouts over and over again, your body gets used to it and then you do not see results any more! What I like to do is mix weight lifting, HIIT (high-intensity interval training), running, at home circuit training and a mix of yoga and pilates.

I often hear "But I don't have time to go to the gym". I know that we are all very busy BUT let me tell you, when you truly WANT to do something you MAKE the time. Just think about the time you spend on social media (Yes, right now!), or on the computer or watching TV... I am sure we can find 30 minutes during every day to workout AND you do not necessarily have to go to the gym. You can totally workout from home (no material needed). That's a really good option and an option that I'm inspiring women with globally on a daily basis! 

Working out should be fun and fast! My professional opinion is that intensity should always outweigh volume. What I mean is that you will have better results if you give your all during 30 minutes, as opposed to spending 2 hours at a gym chatting with friends in between your exercises.

Exercising is good but if you do not pay attention to what you eat, you will never see the results you want! Yeah I know.... it's hard, but if one wants results, they must be willing to make some small dietary sacrifices. One word of warning here; if you want to change your habits into "healthy" habits, do NOT start with a restrictive diet because it is not sustainable. The chances are, you will do it the first week and then you will be discouraged and drop it and go back to your bad habits.

My advice: -

  • Try to have a balanced diet and choose whole food whenever possible
  • Try to avoid processed meals as much as you can as they are full of additives and preservatives, unhealthy fats and way too much salt
  • Stay away from refined sugar, sodas and alcohol
  • Stay hydrated, this is so important - Don't forget to drink enough water, especially when you workout.

These are realistic habits that one can work into their daily life without feeling discouraged or overwhelmed... Habits that you WILL see results from. 


So with a little encouragement and advice from our fabulous fitness expert Kamila, we really can kick our bad habits and whip our bodies into shape without fitness taking up too much time or effort. By simply making a few changes to our daily routines and getting down and dirty with Kamila's FREE guided workouts (for at home or on the go), we can all beat the 'winter bloat!'

Check out some of Kamila's quick and easy routines here... Kamila Fitness

All seems pretty simple and easy to me. Let's do this my fellow slothies. I want to see you all strutting your stuff proudly on the beach next summer!

Women With love Heart on the beach

Until next time... Stay WICKED!

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